The list of new feed factories and the configuration plan for the construction of the inspection instrument equipment. Newly -built feed factory -based laboratory construction acceptance and feed supporting detection instrument equipment purchase. List of large and medium -sized feed factory chemotypes to test the equipment configuration scheme. See the location selection and interior decoration arrangement of the laboratory of the feed factory.

One: Feed laboratory selection


The inspection laboratory established by feed companies is mainly engaged in the analysis of raw materials and finished feed products. When the new feed factory is selected and constructed in the laboratory, the laboratory should be built in places far away from the production workshop and boiler room to prevent the harm of harmful gas and industrial dust on the laboratory. influences. The schedule of the laboratory room shall be reasonably arranged in the area of ​​the schedule of the enterprise. Under normal circumstances, the feed factories are divided into several function rooms: electronic balance room, physical and chemical analysis room, heating and cooking room, and sample storage room. For small feed factories, at least it must be equipped with electronic balance room and physical and chemical analysis room.

Two: Feed laboratory instrument equipment configuration and display settings

The room settings of the feed laboratory should be determined according to the specific situation. There are more rooms in large feed enterprise -based laboratory and complete settings. And small and medium -sized feed enterprise -oriented laboratories can be simpler, but they should place instruments and equipment according to the nature of work, instrumental use, and mutual influence to facilitate management. 1: Electronic balance room. (Place electronic analysis balance and electronic balance). Physical and chemical analysis room (for physical and chemical test, instruments such as placing acid degrees, 722 optical meter, cultivation box, drying box, etc.), heating and cooking room (smart control Wimmer furnace, high -power electric drum drying drying box, vacuum drying box, vacuum drying box, vacuum drying box , Heating plate, vacuum filter device, Kaifelity nitrogen fixed instrument and other instruments), sample storage room (placed drug cabinets, sample cabinets, data cabinets, etc.)

Three: feed laboratory layout and interior decoration construction

Newly -built feed factories construction inspection and acceptance and feed detection instrument equipment configuration plan list Daquan

Installation and placement of the construction instrument and equipment of the construction instrument of the feed factory

Fourth: The list of newly -built feed factory detection laboratories and equipment configuration plans, please refer to the figure below

List of new feed factory detection laboratory instrument equipment configuration schemes

Feds Factory detection laboratory instrument and equipment configuration list Daquan solution

Five: The laboratory consumables used in the new feed factory laboratory. The feed laboratory commonly used glass equipment and laboratory consumables are shown below. Please refer to purchase.

Feed inspection laboratory instrument and equipment configuration photo

Feed enterprise feed factory laboratory equipment configuration photos

(1) Glass instrument burning cup, triangular cup, iodine quantity bottle, round (flat) base bottle, round -bottom distilled bottle, weight cylinder, capacity bottle, trace tube tube, titer tube, pipette pipe, absorbing tube, weighing bottle, weighing bottle 、试剂瓶、广口瓶、滴瓶、漏斗、分液漏斗、试管、比色管、吸收管、冷凝管、抽气管、抽滤瓶、表面皿、布氏漏斗、古氏坩埚、干燥器、 The evaporator, 钵, mantle, plastic bottle, layered slot, specimen bottle (or layered cylinder), Kaishi bottle and so on. The above glass instruments have various specifications and models should be selected according to specific needs. (2) Test consumables include iron frame, iron rings, iron clips, iron triangle frames, clamps, burn clamps, mud triangles, asbestos nets, cup clips, porcelain plates, ticking tables, ticking pipe clamps, pirate pipe racks , Fully frame, test tube frame, screw clip, spring stop clip, punch, rubber plug, latex tube, silicone tube, dropper, rubber tube, key spoon, glass tube, glass rod, glass strain, fast medium slow quantitative quantitative quantitative quantitative quantitative quantitative Qualitative filter paper and so on.

6: Feed laboratory inspection management system


Photos of protein measurement instrument and equipment of the feed factory instrument equipment

The full list of the feed factory testing laboratory construction acceptance and feed inspection instrument equipment


The feed detection laboratory conducts batch inspection of the raw materials and finished products in the field, and the laboratory should make a test ledger in a timely manner. At all times, each batch of factory feeds meet the standard requirements, so that users can rest assured that they can win the trust of the user and win the prospect of better development. When procurement of feed laboratory instruments and equipment, you should purchase according to the list listed in the local quality inspection department or refer to the new version of feed standards. Do not blindly purchase and cause unnecessary human, material and financial losses. Do a good job of feed and win the big market. Originally provided this article: Yuan Fang County Yongfang Instrument -based Glass Operation Department.

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