In order to resist the cold winter, the old aunt is a thick bottom pants every day! The hot weather is cold, and the thick and warm snow boots are just life -saving! ☃️☃️

When I bought snow boots this time, I really found a lot of beautiful and warm winter shoes. I couldn’t wait to share it.

1️⃣ shoes love

Watching the bulky snow boots, his family style is very novel. Every time, there are a lot of new must -chop styles, with small incense wind and Japanese cute style. It is particularly beautiful with down jackets or light -colored coats! Handling and temperature 度️ ️


2️⃣ Xia Xi women’s shoes


Their snow boots take a small fresh and casual style, especially suitable for cute little fairy! There are simple models, and there are straps, which are beautiful and greasy. It is not the vulgar and adorable haha ​​~ Plush with clothes with clothes! Suitable for student girls, the price is not expensive. If you like soft and cute little fairy, you can pick it up!


3️⃣ Lao Tian ingenuity

This shop owner played snow boots. Since high school, I have bought it at his house. ✌️ Babies who like gentle colors will lose. The styles are particularly playful and cute! The beautiful bow looks sweet and temperament ~



The snow boots are very simple and generous, very durable. Whether it is high boots, middle boots, or low boots, it is very elegant. I modify the leg type ❣️ The pair of cat patterns in the back of my grass! Cloud cats should be satisfied with my wish! ❤️ ️ ️

5️⃣ Tian Xiaoyu

I am his true love fans and low -top snow boots. I love it. It will have a sense of vision of one meter eight meters long when wearing it. Hahaha is very suitable for a petite female forest! It is really bloody to buy this quality within 100 yuan.

6️⃣ 6 Forest

I believe that the little fairy will definitely not be unfamiliar with his family. Old shops in seven or eight years are necessary.

Most of the basic snow boots, daily versatile, do not worry about it, it looks good at randomly ~



Miss Korean sisters can visit this one. Although the style is relatively simple, it is very good to take clothes


And the quality is very good. The snow boots I bought last year can still be worn now ~

8️⃣Squeen Studio

Every pair of the family with a lot of net red shoes fried chicken, and I won’t hit the money at all. I was dazzling! It is very suitable for a long coat and knee socks.


The snow boots in his family are simply warm. The thick rabbit hair is wearing like stepping on a small cotton, ☁️☁️ comfortable! There are also detail embellishment. I want to exaggerate a hundred times‼‼‼‼‼ ️ Wall cracks recommend thick models, there is no pressure to play mud in the northeast ️ Called crazy for his family haha!


穿 Winter is to wear warm and good -looking ~ The thick hair gives me a sense of happiness and security ~