Beijing News (Reporter Li Yan) On September 29, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration released the “2018 3rd Batch of 17 Consumer Products Quality State Supervision and Significant Products and Significant Products and Enterprise List” showed that a total The supervisory random inspection involves categories such as pencils, roller skates, leather sandals, and extraction towels.

In this unqualified product and the list of enterprises, a batch of men’s sandals (leather sandals) produced by Zhejiang Luyao Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. were detected in unqualified the strength of the bottom of the batch, and 1 batch of women’s sandals produced on Saturday Co., Ltd. The intriguing vertical stiffness was unqualified, and a batch of women’s shoes (leather sandals) produced by Guangzhou Berfito Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. had an unqualified heel combination.

The reporter learned that the strength of the gangbon peeling is the main indicator of detecting the convergence of the shoe and the outsole. The unqualified product of the project is prone to openings and cracks during consumer use.

Optical quality is related to the overall shape of the shoe outsole and the heel. The vertical stiffness refers to the length of the deformation of intriguing under a certain load and prescribed conditions. The smaller the shape, the greater the longitudinal stiffness, that is, the greater the ability to maintain a certain shape and elasticity under the pressure of weight.

The heel binding force is an important indicator of the combination of the heel and the rear of the shoe. If the value is low, the heel is easy to fall off, and the intensity may cause damage to consumers.