Recently, Yang Tongshu rarely took his son to the airport. The rare son, a simple sportswear style, is free and easy, Li Ning’s sports shoes show tide. She wore a flower shirt with big pants, and the neutral style of vacation broke through in the past. She showed a summer temperament with fresh color matching. She couldn’t see the age of 46.

His son is now 11 years old, but Yang Tongshu’s emotional life is still a mystery, and the child’s biological father’s identity has not been exposed so far. However, it is gratifying that the premature son is now developing very well. He has been chasing his mother at the age of 11 years old. He is relatively thin, but from the perspective of dark skin color, he should do physical exercise frequently. A pair of big feet is even bigger than her mother.

Rarely walking with her mother, the son did not deliberately dress up. The blue denim sneakers were simple and refreshing with white T -shirts. The wide and wide shape set the body to make the body particularly thin, but a pair of long legs grabbed the mirror. The color matching is cool and showing the temperament of the boy, the skin is dark and bright, full of bodybuilding, there is no big -name tide suit to add, but they choose cheap domestic brands like her mother. Anta T -shirt with Li Ning sports shoes. Elementary school students.


Before that, his son also walked through the airport with his mother. His face was not particularly like a mother. Big eyes and Feng Feng’s ears seemed very clever, his eyebrows were rough and generous, and he was very boyish. Although it is still a child, the advantage of the head and body has been prominent.


Unlike his son’s casual wind, Yang Tongshu, who is rare to the airport, also came up with a serious airport show. A neutral gaseous vacation style with big -name bags, the star is full. In the past, Yang Tongshu was basically showing people with intellectual gentleness. This time the airport show was very refreshing. The flower shirt with Bermuda shorts was fashionable, and it was very handsome and easy.

Postcard print shirts, creating tropical vacation styles, large and unbroken, but thin fabrics are very difficult to control, in fact, they are very tested, creating a lazy and comfortable summer effect.


Lazy wind driving is easy to have the effect of home uniforms, so the details of the styling details are very high. Yang Tongshu uses the same color accessories to easily show delicate details. The white baseball cap is matched with the same color messenger bag and sports shoes. In the following, the use of these three items successfully highlights the complete details and can see the intention.


As the focus of the shape, Bermuda shorts laid the style of the overall shape. It is neutral and difficult to control. High -saturation green is more challenging to the skin color, but the black top has successfully pulled the green texture. At the same time There is a summer temperament and the addition of white accessories, which has also successfully diluted the thickness of the color. The use of reasonable color matching brings a full cooling effect.


Bermuda shorts, although it is difficult to control, has gained the favorite of older women. Although the style is obviously different from the basic shorts, it has a certain cooling effect. So formal. When Dong Qing participated in the premiere of Deng Jie’s new film, he appeared in the shape of a Bermuda shorts. He broke the image of the “one sister” with a neutral style, and instantly grounded his image.

With high -heeled shoes, the style is free and free, without losing femininity. It is rare to show muscle and leg shape. It looks bodybuilding and dynamic. This is completely different from the previous elegant over -the -knee long skirt and trousers. Self -control, with a sense of exquisiteness.

Yang Tongshu with domestic sports shoes, the whole looks more free and easy. The style of this body has changed a lot, and the difficulty of control is high enough. However, Yang Tongshu, 46, still succeeded in holding this modern temperament. In the book, the unintentional small details inspired Yang Tongshu’s literary temperament, and also quietly improved the effect of age -reducing, giving a kind of effect of campus girls. In contrast.

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