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As the saying goes: “Nothing trips during pregnancy.”


It can be said that from the day of the pregnant mother’s pregnancy, the expectant mothers were thinking about their fingers. It seems that the difficult pregnancy will also become nervous as the due date comes.

In order to better welcome the baby, pregnant mothers will prepare a lot of necessities for their babies, such as cribs, bags, bottles, diapers, etc. The most important thing is the small clothes that the baby wants to wear.

To be honest, choosing clothing for newborns is not easy. Pregnant mothers often do not know how to choose:


▲ Division vs conjoined

▲ thin VS thick model

For the first time, the expectant mothers really did not know which clothes were more suitable for babies for a while, so regardless of it, it was three or five for each look.

However, after the baby was born, the mother found that some clothes were not convenient to wear and take off at all, and even the new clothes I bought had become smaller before wearing it. Therefore, even if the baby’s dressing is a trivial matter, we will talk about the baby’s dressing.


After the baby is born, wearing a jacket or a split? There are great attention to small things, it is best for Baoma to figure out


NO.1 What clothes are the most suitable for baby after birth? First, pay attention to the choice of style

As we all know, the skin of the newborn baby is very delicate, and it should be more particular about the choice of clothes. Otherwise, it is easy to hurt the baby when wearing and taking off. It is best to choose a cardigan that is convenient to wear and take off.


Why do we recommend newborns to wear monk clothes? There are the following reasons:

① The monk service style is simple


There is no extra dangerous parts, which is safer to wear;

② The monk service is convenient to wear and take off

, Without the restraint of the collar, the oblique placket can better protect the belly;

③ The monk service is relatively loose

The baby’s body is not restrained and gets the greatest comfort.

We should also pay more attention to the choice of monks. Some of them are deducted, some are lace -type, and some are zipper.

The effects of different styles are completely different. Here we are the best choice of lace -type, because if there are too many buttons or zippers, it is likely to be stuck to the baby and even cause damage on the skin. Can effectively avoid accidents.

Of course, we should pay attention to the length of the strap to avoid the baby from accidentally dragging it down to the arm or hand.

NO.2 Baby wearing a jacket or a split clothes after birth? Second, pay attention to the choice of style

After determining the style, we must make a choice for styles. Usually, monks are divided into two types: clothes and split clothes. How should we choose at this time?

【Skin Clothes】

The so -called split jacket is two -piece jacket+pants.

For newborn babies, they eat, sleep, eat and eat, and spend most of the time in bed. At this time, if it is summer or indoor temperature, we can wear only one top for convenience. We change the diapers and make the baby’s lower limbs more relaxed.

Of course, with the growth of the baby’s monthly age, large limb movements begin to develop. At this time, we need to put on their pants to facilitate them to make better exercise.

[Deficiency of the split clothes]

● When the baby exercises, it is easy to make the clothes roll up, so that if you don’t pay attention, you will miss the baby’s stomach, and you will be cold when you accidentally.

● In addition to eating newborn births every day, shit and urine are also very frequent. Once you put on your pants, it is very inconvenient to change the diapers. It will even make the pants wet and increase the workload of Baoma.

In fact, the split clothes are not only shortcomings: the top is washed when the shirt is dirty, and the pants are washed when the pants are wet. Unlike the jacket, even if you urinate the pants, you need to clean it together. Secondly, the baby grows faster, the split clothes will be worn longer, and the cost of buying clothes indirectly will be indirectly saved.

【Conjusational Clothing】

For the shortcomings of the scores, the jacket can effectively overcome these two unfavorable factors.

Because of the unique design, whether the baby is sitting, lying down, or snuggling in the arms of her mother, the one -piece clothes will be tightly fit on the baby. Avoid the baby’s cold concerns.

Secondly, even the crotch of the body clothes is designed, and some rely on hidden buckles to open and close. This is very suitable for mothers to replace urine.

For babies with a big movement period, even clothes are more suitable, so that even if they roll around, they will not affect the comfort at all.

[Deficiency of a piece of clothing]


We all know that the baby’s development speed is very fast, often one day. Obviously, the clothes that had just wore a few days later became smaller.

If the size of the body is not suitable for the baby, it will be very restrained when wearing, so the time to wear will be relatively short, and the frequency of changing clothes will increase, which will objectively increase additional spending.

In addition, the jacket is basically a dark buckle design. Sometimes because of the problem of work or materials, it is easy to scratch the baby. If it is not found in time, it will hurt the baby’s skin. Therefore, parents need to check these small accessories at all times to prevent them from accidentally hurt their babies.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of jackets and split clothes, we can choose the right clothes for the baby according to our actual situation.


→ 0-2 months of babies have a small amount of exercise, we can only wear a split top for them.

→ Babies can wear clothes after 3 months to facilitate their development.

Of course, mothers can also choose suitable clothes for the baby according to the actual situation of the baby and the indoor temperature.


What should I pay attention to when the baby is dressed? These small details, parents are best to know in advance

Details 1: Pay more attention to the material of the clothes

For babies, more metabolism will sweat more, and the clothes must not only be comfortable enough to absorb sweat, so we should pay more attention to the choice of material. It is best to choose the clothes made of pure cotton.

Details 2: Pay more attention to the size of the clothes

Some mothers are worried that the baby will choose some larger clothes. In fact, this will affect the use of the diaper. Often, the baby’s urine will also suffer, and it will increase the burden of cleaning.

In addition, the clothes should not be too small, otherwise the clothes will be tight and skin, which will also bring a lot of discomfort to the baby’s body, which is not convenient for their physical movements.

Details three: Pay more attention to the style of clothes

Many times we will be attracted by the “high -value” clothes. I feel that the baby wearing these strange clothes must be cute, but the parts on these clothes may not be safe, and even some accessories and buttons will fall off to let the baby eat by mistake. Caused the danger of suffocation.

Secondly, some clothes are printed with a large number of patterns. The breathability is extremely poor, and it is easy to make the baby get up, so the simpler the style of the clothes.

At the end

Do you understand the baby’s clothes? Finally, we also have to tell you that you should not buy too much clothes. You can replace it with 3 or 4 pieces. Otherwise, if you buy too much, you will have no chance to wear it. Leave this money to buy some puzzles Isn’t it better to toys.


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