In this issue, I will interpret a very atmospheric sweater with you. The curve color matching sleeveless sweater is paired with high -waisted loose pants. The delicate sweater is matched with loose pants like skirts. Very temperament.


Let’s “look” with Xiaobian.

Curve color matching cuffless knitting


Sleeve -free colorless color matching, soft polyester materials that emit a unique atmosphere, are made of artificial silk blending material, which is average. The front button is easy to wear and take -off. Provide a unique atmosphere through color matching colors. The round neck design is used to create a soft face shape and pocket given a more fashionable atmosphere. The sleeveless design is suitable for the S/S season, which is easy to match with various coats, and it can also create a stylish costume.

Basic White, Beige, BLACK color, bright Blue color combination has expanded the selection range. Due to its unique design, it has high collection value. This model is suitable for daily matching or commuting.

High -waist loose long loose pants

It is a modern style of fine pleated wide -leg loose pants, with soft touches of high -grade polyester material. The side line zipper is easy to wear and take -off, which is very suitable for the loose version of the body. The inner lining gives a stable sense of dress, which is a concise design of fine pleated details. The waistline is high and the leg line is long.


Both sides have formed pockets, and their practicality is also available. Basic color composition plus PINK and red colors. High usage rate, also performed on the guests or formal occasions, can be versatile.

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