In the 1970s and 1980s, people were wearing plum sportswear, pedaling back force sports shoes, riding 28 flying pigeons bicycles, and wearing sea seagulls. This is the standard fashionista dress. There are also seagull cameras, phoenix bicycles, double -star sneakers, Yu Meijing, Bee Flower Shampoo, Jianlibao, Big White Rabbit Candy, Little White Rabbit Children’s Toothpaste, Hero Pen, Ostrich Ink, Beijing Belo Biliary Bian, Yunnan Baiyao, Shanghai Auto , Qilu urea … These are our childhood memories, and they used to be brilliant. How many people remember now? How much is it produced? How many people are used?

This plum blossom was once a brand of the Olympic Games. Where can I see it? Full of markets full of Adi and Nike, who else is choosing?


Washing products are also developed in the harsh market competition. Bee flower shampoo is also rolling all the way. I wonder when it can be squeezed into the front line?

Yunnan Baiyao is a well -developed national brand. At least we can often hear it and occasionally use it.

This once, as the industry benchmark, as the national proud set of equipment technology to support Qilu urea in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other brothers countries, pushed it to the market again after the production and restructuring.


Shanghai Automobile has also become a classic in people’s hearts. In the past, it lacks advanced technology with the public. The popular brand is well -known in China, and its brand has launched it again with “Roewe” after upgrading.


What classic ethnic brands are there in your heart, let you look forward to it, welcome to talk.