Some stages are relatively large, so the stage audio return system needs to let the stage performances listen to their singing effects, so as to adjust it in time. In the actual situation, when the singer performed, the singer said that the return was not large enough or could not be heard clearly, and the controller asked the controller to increase his hearing volume. Sometimes after increasing the volume of the return, the singer also makes a request. The volume of listening is large, and the possibility of the microphone scream is also high, and it will enter a vicious circle. Sometimes when it is not handled well, it is often easy to cause disputes between singers and audio controllers. So how to solve this situation? An abnormal solution to the stage audio return system, article source: Soundtopment Electronics


The general stage audio return system is to connect a balancer from the tune AUX output and then to the speaker to the speaker. However, the treatment of the stage back to the stage is often relatively one -sided. At this time, the equilibrium device often only focuses on the processing of the microphone. Under this usage, the sound of the return speaker is often defective. Restore is greatly reduced. The sound heard by the staff on the stage is not the sound effect he imagined, and it feels wrong, but they often do not understand the restoration of the audio, so they think they are not enough, so they are required to increase the volume. At this time, you just increase the volume, and the musicians will not complain that the source is not clear. The root cause is that the restore is not good. This is like a person who speaks unclearly. When you whisper, you can’t hear what he said. If he speaks loudly, you can’t even hear it.

Therefore, to solve this problem, first of all, it is necessary to provide a stage audio return system with a better reduction. Only the sound reduction is good, and the clarity will go up. Effect. To improve system reduction, targeted compensation should be used for the use of balanor in the system of systems. When the system restores are high, the expression is clear, and there is no need to be shocking, and the problem of the microphone screaming is difficult to occur.

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