How to choose the study sofa


First look at the frame quality

The front and back of the sofa with both hands shake and shake and shake repeatedly. If you feel very firm and strong, it means that the framework is rigorous. Counc from the business staff to open the corner of the bottom of the seat at the bottom of the seat. Anyone who uses a hard and miscellaneous wood that is not bad and scarred. With glue sticky, there is no problem.

Look at the quality of the internal mattress

Nowadays, the high -end sofa, the bottom surface of the seat and the back, mostly use the nylon belt and the snake spring cross -mesh structure. The density foam, spray cotton and light body foam in the layered pads are bonded between each layer. This kind of cushion is plump and stiff, the rebound is good, and the sitting feels comfortable.

The mid -range sofa is mostly the bottom plate of rubber pressure fiber as the seat and the back, and the density foam and spray cotton in the layer of the layered layer are bonded between the layers. The appearance of this cushion is also quite solid, but the sitting feeling is hard, and the rebound is not as good as the light bubble.

Finally look at fabrics, sewing and bag

When buying a leather sofa, you must choose the skin to look at the rich luster, no scars, and the texture pattern is delicate. Use two fingertips to hold one place and drag it up. The feel is flexible and powerful. This is a good skin.

When buying a fabric sofa, you need to choose the fabric and the latitude and weft lines, without jumping, no external exposure. The rough spinning fine spinning reason is the same. Sewing, depending on whether the needle feet are uniform and straight, the two hands are stigmatized at the seams to see if it is tight and uninterrupted. Whether the teeth are rolling and plump.

Bag cloth, depending on whether the fabric is tightly packed with the internal filling, the internal filling is flat and tightly, especially the two armrests, seats, and back binding should be excessively natural and non -crushed. If it is a round or semi -circular handrail, it depends on whether the arc is smooth and smooth. The fabric of the flower pattern or the square pattern depends on whether the pattern is consistent with the pattern, and whether the square is horizontal and vertical. Finally sit down and try it. The most important thing is to feel whether the tilt angle and curve between the seats and backs are closely consistent with the three parts of the waist, back, and hip. Whether the feeling is relaxed and comfortable; after standing, look at the fabrics on the hips, back and armrests whether there are obvious loose folds.


As for the style of the sofa style and the color patterns of fabrics, you must choose according to your personal preferences.


First, do not consider the style. Compared with the basic decoration of the family, in addition to the function of the sofa, the sofa also plays a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the style and color of the sofa must be unified with the main color of home decoration and decoration.

Second, do not consider the size. When choosing a sofa on the market, you will find that the sofa size is many and thousands of kinds, so this situation will occur. The proportion of proportion. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, you should first understand the area of ​​your living room or bedroom, and then buy the right sofa.


Third, do not consider the living habits of the family.


Fourth, do not consider the depth of the sofa. The common size of the sofa on the market is 95 cm, which is suitable for people with a height of less than 1.7 meters. People with a height of more than 1.7 meters are best to choose a sofa with a depth of 105 cm, which can completely alleviate the tension of the back.

Fifth, do not consider the bearing gravity of the sofa. To choose a durable sofa, first of all, it depends on whether the sofa framework is not easy to change.

Sixth, do not consider the elasticity of the sofa. The traditional sofa frame is generally only snake -shaped spring. Such a sofa is prone to deformation and collapse after a period of use, which affects the beauty and use of the sofa. Now the sofa that is better to return the elasticity is generally combined with snake springs and bandages, so that the firmness of the sofa and the rebound force will be doubled. Even if your child jumps on the sofa, the cushion is not easy to deform.

Seventh, do not consider the comfort of the cushion. The strong and soft sofas are not suitable for the normal sitting and lying of the human body, which will have a certain impact on the spine of the human body.

Eighth, do not consider the wear resistance and cleaning of the sofa. If there are elderly people and children in the family, choose sofa fabrics with good anti -dirt and wear resistance. In addition to leather fabrics, suede and diagonal fabric are the first choice. This material has a delicate feel of animal fur. Its latitude and weft lines are large -density, wear resistance and difficulty in deformation.