For our ordinary girls, the shape is not avant -garde, but it is also generous. In order to reduce the possibility of stepping on the thunder, many girls will choose a versatile style to wear, and even a pair of small black pants wear four seasons. I believe everyone is tired of wearing it. Hurry up and try the new favorite of the recent fashion circle “no trace pants”. It is thin and versatile. Compared with small black pants, it is not inferior to small black pants.


What are no trace pants?


Many conservative girls think that it is difficult to control when they hear the name of “no trace pants”. In fact, this is not the case. Warling -free pants are actually a kind of tight trousers, similar to the pants wearing our fitness. Its fabric is skin -friendly and elastic, which can perfectly fit the skin of the legs. Different from small black pants, no matter how tight styles, they will accumulate folds, and without trace pants can avoid this problem, which also attracts the attention of the fashion circle.

1. Knit sweater+no trace pants

If you have no clue about the matching of non -trace pants, you may wish to try from the sweater. The texture of knitwear is thick and soft, with excellent comfort. With the loose version, girls do not have to worry about their physical problems. And no trace pants can outline the lines of the lower body, add some sexy charm to the shape, make up for the disadvantage of the knitwear version, and achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.


If you are a personality of a personality, you are not satisfied with the presence of traditional sweater, you can try to wear knitwear as a shawl. Tie the sweater on the back with your sleeves to create a chic and handsome feeling, so that you can soar your fashion. Because this method of wearing is already trendy, the girls can be simplified in color, and the classic black and white combination is OK, making the shapes and high -level look.


2. Long coat+no trace pants


For our Asian women, there are generally bloated problems in the lower limbs, and no trace pants will expose our waist and hips. Therefore, the combination of long coats+traceless pants will be much friendly. Long coats can cover our fat, only exposing the slender part of the legs to achieve the effect of growing long and avoiding weaknesses. If you choose the style of the nine -point pants, you can further highlight the ankle, which is better.

If you are not the ranks of fat girls, it is just a simple pear -shaped figure. In fact, the selection area of ​​the jacket will be much broad. It is not necessary to cover all the waist and hips, you may wish to try to open the long coat open, it is best to supplement the short inward, so that it can show the sloppy posture, but also make the styling more chic and charming charm. It is convenient for the queen’s aura that sets off older women.

3. Set

Due to the skin -free skin -friendly characteristics, it is particularly comfortable to wear. Whether you wear it when you go to the gym, or do it, you have no sense of pressure to wear yoga Plati, so it is suitable for daily leisure occasions. And for elderly women, often pay more attention to the practicality of clothing, and the breathable and comfortable suit will naturally be favored. In addition, it can also help girls to avoid the troubles of matching. ~

Although it is easy to wear without trace pants, it is the same as small black pants. There is a disadvantage of lack of fashion. In a unified style suit, it will look even more colorful. In order to meet the needs of fashionable high -level people, the design of the suit has also become avant -garde. For example, Jolin Tsai’s shape is very trendy. The color combination of “black and white” and the polygonal pattern design enriches the details and levels of the shape and improves fashion.


Don’t wear “little black pants” anymore, look at the popular “free pants” this year, which is thin and tall and foreign. Little black pants are really a very versatile item, but the fashion has developed rapidly. Now it is out of date. The upgraded version of “Sarrans” is the good heart of fashionistas, and it is also friendly to older women, and it is very simple to match. Hurry up to learn ~