In the past, how to wear clothes during breastfeeding was convenient and how to come from, dresses and the like never worn, and now because the epidemic has enough time. So I want to make a dress for myself.


Today, there is a split seam in front of this, plus two invisible zippers to be beautiful in summer.

First look at the style renderings


It’s particularly wide, even if it is a morally cut picture, right?

This tailoring is a style of stitching of two fabrics. Although the style is loose, as long as the distribution line is distributed reasonably, it can also achieve a thin effect visually. The latter of this cutting picture is to use the segmentation line to show the waist of the rear film.

The cutting films are the same before and after, but the segmentation of the front and back is different, so I separate the painting, so I can see it clearly.


There are sewing bags on the side, and I didn’t draw it. You need to do a sewing bag at 3cm in the waist section.


There is a certain foundation for the control version and can be treated with chest provinces and chest splitting in the front film, which is better.

If you want to learn more women’s version and push board knowledge, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle to learn from the most basic.

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Sewing process and sewing process commentary

The choice of fabrics, copper ammonia stitching, you can also choose linen fabric stitching. Do not use too drooping fabrics

After the diagram of the above -mentioned tailoring, add the appropriate seam to cut. The shrinkage should be performed before the fabric is cut.

Ingredients: more than 1.4 meters width. The length of the length of the skirt is 5cm


Production process: Cut the tailor, the collar and the door tube are performed first

The front medium film can first do the door tube, curls or stuffy seams.

Fixed left and right overlap, combined with hem


Switching squeeze stitching seam


Switching the shoulder seam, the stitching of the shoulder should be pulled out, so that the shoulder is flat

Stuffy seam leader

Sewing front and rear side sewing, and make side seam pockets on the side seam

Switch on the cuffs and hem curls

Well, the finished product is complete, the hot and hot!


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