Along with a autumn rain, autumn came quietly. The temperature decreases, the air is dry, and the rainy is rough. The unique factors of these autumn have also had a significant impact for the cars.

Many car owners choose to change the car seat cushion in autumn and winter, so how to choose the seat cushion in autumn, do you know?

1. Siege


Generally speaking, car seat cushions are divided into half packs and all -inclusive.

Half -bag -the surface of the seat and the head cover, the side and the bottom are not surrounded.

All -inclusive -surrounded by the full angle of the car seat, the three -dimensional sense is very strong, compared to the car cushion, the appearance of the car seat cover is more coordinated and beautiful.

When choosing a seat cushion, you must choose the product that is consistent with the model, and fit the seat and the bottom to non -slip, so as to have a better driving experience.


2. Seasonality

There are many types of seat cushions. They are distinguished by seasons, which can be divided into four seasons pads, summer cushions and winter warm cushions. In this way, from the season, the distinction is clear at a glance.

The summer cushion is thin and breathable, and the body feels comfortable. Driving in summer can effectively cool down, creating a cool feeling. But in the summer, there is no room for exhibition in the original comfortable summer cushion;


Winter warm cushions generally use artificial fibers and fur to make processing. The craftsmanship is relatively complicated. The soft touch and thick filling can add a lot of warmth in the cold winter. However, the seat cushion does not fit the seat, which can easily affect the important functions of the original car, so the owner must choose carefully;


The four seasons pads have been used for a long time, especially suitable for use during the season. Many people have been used in April in autumn. The four seasons are comfortable and applicable to the four seasons to meet the multiple needs of the owner.

3. Security

The front airbags of the car are generally installed on the outside of the front seat. The purpose is to slow down the damage caused by the side impact. The isolation trunk and the door panel directly collide, which can effectively protect the safety of the front passengers.


The side airbags are usually wrapped in the fabric or leather of the original seats. These fabrics are reserved when cutting the space that can expand the airbags and explodes. However, many car seat sleeves do not reserve airbags, or the location is wrong, which may hinder the work of airbags.

4. Environmental protection

Many people buy a new car and install a seat cushion. They do not know that the products and processes cannot be guaranteed. They may produce odor, and may even cause harmful substances to cause damage to the human body. The smell or pollution in the car is here.

The temperature in the car is high, and the interior of the car is good. Once those cover materials cannot meet the national requirements, it will easily lead to toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and tovc. If the body is uncomfortable, it is likely to cause a car accident, causing irreparable consequences!

In this case, choosing a sterilization of aldehydes and purifying the air is very important!