The footsteps of the Olympics are getting closer and closer.

On July 12, the Olympic Basin Ceremony of the Chinese Scooter was held in the Limited Sports Training Base of Nanjing Diwu Nationality. As a strategic partner of China’s national skaters, Kappa also witnessed this new team to go to the Olympic Games to stage “first show”.

▲ Chinese scrap team’s mobilization meeting.

In the latest advertisements in Kappa, the national team’s three top women’s slippery – Zeng Jiayi, Zhang Xin and Zeng Wenzhen, in the national team training hall, declared their movement and life attitude. The marketing declaration of Kappa’s season is “dare to express”. Focus on the attitude and enthusiasm of athletes, motivate them to pursue a more active self and stronger exercise, which means that this is born in Italy’s 100-year brand, is regressive in a more active attitude.

“The story begins with a slate, from one place until it shines.” Just a few days ago, the Tokyo Olympic official account released a propaganda film that was played by the skate-lengtacular Lord Tony hawk and strength Skater Nyjah Huston. The handover of new and old slide, let everyone see the first time in the Olympic Games.

The story of Chinese skateboard is also about to begin a new chapter. At this stage, my country’s skate-sports project is best developed in women’s streets and women’s bowls. On the Olympic qualification point list, Zhang Xin always accumulate 21st in the women’s bowl pool, Zeng Wenzhao’s 20th place, they will participate in the Olympic women’s bowl and street competitions on behalf of China.

Supporting their equipment is the first skateboarder series launched by Kappa – competing skateboarders.

▲ Players custom skateboard details.

Professional slippery can be said to be the most crowd of skateboarders. It is more comfortable to comfort, look, tide, and more importantly, a pair of good skateboard shoes still need good control, wear resistance, shock absorption, foot feelings, and support.


The exclusive shoe customized by Kappa’s players will also be unveiled at the Olympics. “Compete” series of shoes is divided into professional models and classics, and all series innovation is equipped with a double-insole design. Under the housing of the trend, the professional inner sports gene is more important.

There is more than Chinese skateboard national team supported by Kappa. On July 12th, Kappa was in the microblogging official to announce the Chinese equestrian team and the fencing team.

Previously, the Chinese equestrian team was transmitted in the Tokyo Olympic equestrian project, and the group and individuals of the three items and obstacles were qualified. The Chinese fencing team will send 15 players to participate in the competition of 9 small items.

In the sponsorship matrix, Kappa sponsored from the national team to sign the contract, and then cooperate with the domestic event. From the head resource to the scene, KAPPa has built its comprehensive system sports marketing pyramid system and Sponsorship matrix.

▲ Tokyo Olympic national fencing team.

This is not the first time Kappa boarded the Olympic stage.

At the 2004 Los Angeles Olympics, Kappa has witnessed the US track and field team to win 16 gold. Kappa’s latest technology is also the head of the Olympic Games in that year: the game clothes fabric applied reflective gold silver fabric to mitigate the high temperature of the movement, the field of the track and field team is designed by Italy’s well-known designer Giorgetto Giugiaro fencing design, this Also led the tide of sports costumes at the time.

That year, Carl Lewis runs more fast on 100 meters, and Kappa has a lot of fire.

In 1988, Kappa once again mounted the Seoul Olympic Games stage with the US track and field team. In that game, the US sprinter of the “Flower butterfly”, Joya, a battle, won the women’s 100 meters, 200 meters, 4 × 100 meters relay, three gold medals and 4 × 400-meter relay silver medal, so far Women’s 100 meters and 200 meters world record. There is also a classic coil suit with Kappa design along with her shine.

Success marketing in the Olympic Games also gave Kappa more confidence.

However, in the domestic market, Kappa has been bumpy. From the former “International First Sports Fashion Brands” in recent years, the impact of other sports brands and fast fashion brands have been continuously suffered from other sports brands. After gradually falling the altar, the share is gradually shrinking, and Kappa has continually tried business transformation and breaking. Until 2020, the Group’s management clarified the big direction of the brand – regression.

To a certain extent, Kappa is now a professional movement, thereby greatly improving the popularity in sports fans. At the moment, join hands with these three trends and fashion sports teams, announced the determination of Kappa regression professional movement and pursue high-end quality.

“The operation rules of sports brands and trend brands are different. Then I still have to strengthen our brand with the movement,” China’s Trend Group CEO and President Zhang Zhiyong once explained that “the long-term investment in the sports field, such assets It can be reserved for a long time. This is why sports brands are relatively long. Once the barriers have been established, it will not be easily eliminated, and market concentration is better than other retail categories. “


On the other hand, behind these movements, there are also young consumers who want to grasp them. Kappa’s consumer survey showed that the consumer group in the Chinese market has gradually entered the 35-year-old age group, or even 40 years old. The core target group in their future is a newly white-collar worker and Z generation. Cultivating the young consumer market is almost all the hundred years of sports brands need to be solved.


It is not difficult to see the test behind Kappa sponsors.


▲ Tokyo Olympic national scrap team player Zeng Wen, Zhang Xin.

Slideboard This is born in the street movement is working in the country. Kappa’s research data shows that in the 18-30-year-old population of China, the number of people in high-frequency participation in skateboarding exceeds 23 million. As skateboards are officially become an Olympic project, more and more people participate, entry-level population Close to 17 million, accounting for 70% of the total.

Under the promotion of social capital, equestrian and fencing projects also ushered in the prosperity of young markets. The Tokyo Olympics is an unpleasant commercial exposure opportunity for sports brands.

Before deciding the future brand development path, maybe Kappa has already had an answer to these issues: which brand positioning can continue to develop? Whether the inspiration in the popular culture will restrict the future development of the brand?

From the perspective of action, they are working hard to re-laminate themselves in the sports world.

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