Text/Bai Xiaorong

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Chapter One

Summer night. At the time of zero in the morning.

The wild stall on the roadside rows of cigarettes, and the fiery barbecue iron racks are rows of red purple and green.

The fragrance of the leek, the glutinous corn, the chicken’s chewing crispy, the autumn saury dipped in the minced garlic aroma, the meat is soft and glutinous, and the crispy and smooth.

Coupled with a small bottle of 42 degrees of rice flower fragrance, the aroma of wheat is rushing all the way.

Chen Qingyan narrowed her eyes halfway, and the small wine bottle in her hand was less than one or two, but she was addicted.

“Boss! Two bottles of rice incense!” The sound passed through the noisy and noisy sound. I was so busy, and I was busy.

Seeing that the boss was indifferent, Chen Qingyan leaned his head, and the wine bottle was immediately drank.

“Dangdang!” He was thrown into the trash can.

Chen Qingyan looked at the air for a long time, and scolded in his mouth: “Damn! Today is really bloody! Even the boss of the roadside stalls does not take the old lady in his eyes!” As soon as he got up, the skirt was about to get up, and the skirt was about to get up. I was stuck, looked down, and the table next to the table pressed the skirt.

Chen Qingyan was reckless, the skirt was pulled out, and the table was also overturned at the same time -Ding Ling Dang! Pot and pans, sprinkled the ground.

The person sitting at a table was dumbfounded. You look at me, I look at you, look at each other, but he can’t come back for a while.

Chen Qingyan’s conditionedly squeezed a hint of apologetic, and he sighed slightly: “I’m sorry, a little urgent-” Without extra words, he will leave as crispy.

He was stopped by the big tall in the back.

“Hey! Stink three eight! Just go like this?”

Chen Qingyan stopped and did not look back.

Everyone looked back at the fun, waiting for a good show.

The shoulder was stubborn, and Chen Qingyan only felt sore for a while. Looking back, the big voice she just shouted at her, leaving a young man who was full of yellow killing Matt hairstyles, stood behind her, attitude, and attitude. Her arrogant, yelling at her: “You’re blind? Didn’t you see the table of your buddy’s table over!”

Chen Qingyan was confused in front of her eyes, and her head was fainted.

“You … what do you say about this stinky boy?” The index finger subconsciously poured forward, looking at it like a stirred yellow unknown object, unlike people.

Killing Matt suddenly shouted: “Your grandma !!! Pick up my nostrils !!!”

At this time, Chen Qingyan finally saw that there were two large nostrils in front of him, and it was determined to be an individual, not a certain object …

I was pushed by Mattna just now, and almost fell. Chen Qingyan felt that there was a strong shoulder behind her who was protecting her before falling. But looking back, nothing was found.

When she looked up again, she had gathered a lot of people around her.

The crowd is tall and big, there are many men and women, all of them are pretending to be gorgeous, and they are full of flowers and greens. They are embarrassed.

“Lost money!”

“Pick up her clothes!”

“These eight women seem to drink high.”

“Search for her money!”

“Anyway, she is alone, elder brother, or do you do it?”


The streets at midnight were a little deserted, and the night stalls were under the weak light of the dark shadow shining on the strange face in front of the eyes.

In a noisy sound, she heard a sound, a powerful tone, thick, cold. A clear side face in her eyes stunned in front of her eyes.

She seemed to smell a smell similar to a rosin …

She felt that she was thrown up, throwing it in the air, driving the clouds, her body was very light …

“Boss, you have a blessing tonight!”

“To shut up!”

She was so drunk.

Open his eyes slightly, spilled in a small sunlight, shining on her face, she consciously covered her arms subconsciously.

The ceiling is gray, with an old large tile light hanging.

This is not her room!

Chen Qingyan sat up and sat up.

A strange man who appeared in front of her eyes.

From the perspective of the back, the lines of this back are powerful, the lines are clear, and the gap of the back groin winds down …

The hips are slightly tilted! Full and fleshy!

Chen Qingyan watched it for a long time, and Harazi streaming.

Make sure that this is not dreaming?

She was struggling to hurt herself and hurt. That’s right, no dream!

what happened?

She looked around, this was a dark and messy bedroom, with gray mold on the wall. A huge pictorial on Naruto on the bed. A fitness equipment is placed in the corner of the door. The only black leather sofa is piled up with flowers and green clothes.

The curtains were pulled tightly, and a small gap was opened in the middle, as if it was deliberately pulled away.

She suddenly found that she didn’t wear underwear? Intersection

And wearing a large men’s shirt? Intersection

The heartbeat began to accelerate.

Sneak glance at the bottom–

Fortunately, the underwear is still there.

“woke up?”

The man turned around and gave her a soft word at her, and her voice was light and light.

She frowned slightly: “You …? Me …? We …?”

She was suddenly speechless and did not know how to express it.

The man did not answer her, walked calmly to the corner of the sofa, calmly picked up a black vest, put it calmly, and said calmly, “You have not done your clothes, you may have to wait a day.”

“What do you mean?” She was inexplicable.

“It means to wait until your clothes are dry before leaving.”

“My clothes are wet? Why wet?” She was trying to think about what happened last night?

The man didn’t speak, dressed up the vest, and said, “I’ll go out, wait for me to come back.” Then he left.

She was so foggy that she was a wooden chicken.

Just go like that? Don’t give her an explanation? what’s the situation?

She quickly got out of bed, quickly opened the curtains, and quickly went to the balcony to check the situation.

The man’s back is gradually drifting under the building.

She found herself standing on the three -story upstairs in an old -fashioned building.

A large number of residential buildings around the building have a long time, like slums.

A stalling water suddenly fell into her eyes. She looked up angrily and found her bras!

She widened her eyes and confirmed that she was seeing the truth.

That’s right, that’s my own bra. Light purple, 36D, lace edge.

And the off -shoulder top worn yesterday, now hanging on the drying rack on the balcony, dripping water.


It’s a new thing, someone helped her wash her underwear and tops.

She wiped the water in her eyes, the corner of her mouth was slightly tilted, and she had a warmth in her heart.

That said, the man said that her clothes were wet -he washed it.

Chen Qingyan was so big. In addition to her mother washed her clothes when she was a child, no one had been washed her clothes.

I really don’t know if it is a kind of sorrow or luck in a strange bedroom today in a strange bedroom.

She pouted subconsciously and entered the room.