Source: Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The 70th Miss Global Contest ended in Israel a few days ago. Unexpectedly, the clothing worn by the Japanese representative on the final day caused huge controversy.

The Japanese version of “Herfenton Post” reported on the 13th that the 26 -year -old Watanabezu Li was wearing a pink kimono -style skirt at the time. Write “Japan”. She also wore a pair of pink boots, holding a golden black cat with both hands.


No thought, this set of clothing aroused strong dissatisfaction of Japanese netizens. Many people rejected their liquidation under the official Twitter account of the Israeli embassy in Japan: “This set of clothing has no beauty at all, and Japanese history and culture have become a laughingstock. When wearing and serving, “right on the right” is regarded as the way of dressing in Japan.

Faced with criticism, the Israeli embassy in Japan stated that this set of clothing was designed to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Japan and the integration of Japanese “Harajuku Fashion” with traditional kimono, which is intended to express the welcome and celebration. (Fang Qing)