From December 13th to 14th, the Eighth China Infant Industry Conference (CBIS) organized by Zhongtong Media (CBIS) is online as scheduled. Brand strength and market reputation are the best product award of the Infant Industry Award of 2021.

From pioneering to leadership, 14 years of deep cultivation of products

The so -called “best product” must be multi -dimensional. Xi Anzhi’s products have clear advantages in the fields of formula, production technology, research and development strength, and product positioning. These advantages are accompanied by the birth of Xi Anzhi and the growth of 14 years.

As a mother -to -child nutritional section under the brand value of the Chinese pharmaceutical and health industry for 17 consecutive years, many of the hard power of Xi Anzhi are inherently inherent. Relying on the strong professional resources and scientific research strength behind the Neptune Group, in 2007, Xi Anzhi opened a new era of digestion and absorption of noodles.

The precise product positioning indicates the correct direction and road for Xi Anzhi’s subsequent development and product iteration.

From “good dissolution brings good absorption” to “digestion and absorption high benchmark”, to a new positioning of Xi’an Zhi small molecular milk powder and special customization for the baby’s gastrointestinal, since the innovation of digestion and absorption of this track, Xi Anzhi 14 Over the years, we have always focused on deep cultivation in this field, and have achieved the leader of the digestion and absorption department and small molecular milk powder from the pioneering, focusing, deepening, deep cultivation, and long -term leadership.

In terms of formula, Xi Anzhi is the first company to abandon malt the essence and use the whole lactose formula. It is also the first company in the industry to add MFS -upgrade fatty acids, that is, OPO structure fat, etc. Chuang SMARTMSD is the low -temperature protection escort of dissipating technology throughout the process, which minimizes the destructive rate of nutritional components, and effectively retains more thermal nutritional activity. Xi’anzhi is also the first milk powder brand that proposes “small molecular protein+small granules” small molecular milk powder. According to the Studies of the “Small Molecular Milk Powder White Paper” released by the Asian Milk Research Center, Xianzhi milk powder fat ball particles are 6 times smaller than goat milk powder, which is a real “small molecular milk powder”.

Through the combination of “small molecular protein+small granules”, Xi Anzhi supplemented by Zhichuang SmartMSD, which allows the formula and nutritional activity of “small molecular milk powder” to maximize it. “, Further strengthened the leading position of Xi’an Zhi digestion and absorption of milk powder.


Xi Anzhi has continued to deepen its products in the field of digestion and absorption for many years, won more and more channels and consumers, and also impressed the mother -in -law who is famous for professional.

Dingxiang mother relies on a large number of doctors and scholars such as the attending doctors, nutritionists, psychological counselors, sleep consultants, early education experts and other doctors and scholars. Such a rigorous and professional Lilac mother was moved by Xi Anzhi’s small molecule milk powder. Endped up for her, directly deeply rooted the professionalism of the product in the heart of consumers, leveraging consumers’ trust leverage.

Adhering to the genes of pharmaceutical companies, Xi Anzhi has focused on products for many years. However, this year, on the basis of focusing, Xi Anzhi also conducted multiple content marketing with high volume.


Super content marketing runs through the whole year


Help the small molecule position

In the beginning of 2021, Xi Anzhi came with a big move for the first time, that is, Hu Xinger became his chief recommendation officer after the three materials, which also laid the marketing tone of Xi Anzhi this year. The road to upgrade.

In May this year, Xi Anzhi launched a jewelry gift box customized with his chief recommendation officer Hu Xinger. This is the first time in the milk powder industry to participate in joint customization design, showing innovation, effectively promoting the youthfulness of Xi Anzhi, and the voice volume of the spokesperson. Helping the brand’s accumulation of brand assets, raising brand potential energy, has set off higher attention and discussion in the industry;


In August of this year, Xi Anzhi created a trilogy of content marketing with the pain point of “anorexia” as the core in order to help stores solve the problem of drainage and customers. Fire discussion of the unit.


Xi Anzhi first polished with Dr. Chunyu for 3 months, and jointly launched the baby’s anorexia index testing activity. It was carried out at the same time in the national stores and communities. Essence After participating in the test, consumers can get the 15 -day nutritional family recipe recommended by the national banquet chef and the third and fourth seasons chef Lin Shuwei. In addition to the recipes specially customized for summer anorexia babies, Xi Anzhi also prepared a summer anorexia gift package for consumers. With the launch of the baby’s anorexia index, Xi Anzhi also launched#随 随 随 随 随 随#Weibo topic activities, allowing wider consumers to share childcare experience in social interaction. The topic reading volume is easy to exceed 120 million, which directly stimulates more than 14,000 discussions.


Immediately after August 25, Xi Anzhi launched a challenge event of “Save the Baby” in Douyin. The volume of the event quickly exceeded 160 million. Numerous consumers posted the baby’s daily creative video under this topic, which led to the Xi’an Zhi brand Quickly out of the circle.

Two activities have accumulated a lot of popularity for Xi Anzhi at high altitude and terminals. In the end, Xi Anzhi made effective customer activity through live broadcasts to solve the problem of parenting problems encountered by consumers through live broadcasting activities. And again feedback the accurate and real -time data to Xianzhi’s cooperation store …

Recently, Xi Anzhi and Lilac’s mother collaborated on a program called “Molecular Studies in the Ten Thousands of Shit”. , Douyin’s Douyin, Dr. Lilac’s video number and other platforms have successively met with you. Relying on the professionalism of Dinglai Mom, Xi Anzhi and consumers shared high -value content about the health of the baby’s gastrointestinal health. While the scientific professional knowledge was transmitted, the product characteristics of Xi Anzhi “small molecular milk powder are dedicated to the baby’s gastrointestinal”.

After re -sorting out the major marketing node incident of Xi Anzhi 2021, we can find that every content marketing of Xi Anzhi is not just to simply increase the brand voice, but to strengthen the brand and product power while A activity can fit the characteristics of Xi Anzhi small molecule milk powder, so that the positioning of small molecules is more deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and brings greater thrust to the sales of terminal channel products.

This is also the maximum value that the brand can generate in content marketing for channel vendors.

Cross the winter and embrace the market

In the past two years, whether it is external difficulties from the epidemic, policy changes, or internal pressures such as shrinking and malicious competition, the milk powder market has largely ushered in the real “cold winter”. During the process, resistance is heavy.

Xi Anzhi has been committed to deeply cultivating channels, empowering channels with deep brand strength and marketing skills, and having a difficult time with channel dealers.


On December 24th, Xi Anzhi authorized his partners as the dairy industry, and “Crossing the Crossing the Cold Winter” starring the first -tier stars such as Jia Ling, Huang Bo, and Zhu Yilong has exceeded the 55 million mark. With 900,000, the average number of people on the day of the day reached 135, ranking first on the day of the film, and 90,000 people hugged in advance to lead the New Year’s Eve.


Xi An Zhifang revealed that the cooperation with the film will cooperate with more partners to carry out more landing marketing activities.

In the “cold winter” of the industry, Xi Anzhi still insisted on embracing channels, stores, and consumers. Let us have more reason to look forward to it. Xi Anzhi will cross the cold winter with channel vendors and usher in spring flowers!

At 7 pm on December 30th, the video of Xi Anzhi small molecular milk powder opened the welfare live broadcast of “Passing through the cold winter”, let’s watch together ~