“Hydropower renovation, although it is not much physical, but it takes brains, you can see the master’s carefulness from this small move.”

The seemingly relaxed work does not require any physical work, but it is a more brain -consuming project project. For example, if the groove before the wiring, you have to know if the ground can be slot and where the walls cannot be slot. What kind of protective measures need to be made when the line box is embedded in the wiring process. Mark it out to avoid punching and destroying the water wires, you need to reinstall it. Many people think that there are any protection measures for the embedded line box. In the process of operation, my master adds one more lid. The line box is clean and perfect.

As shown in the figure below, when we are embedded in the embedded line box, it is true that it can be placed directly in the online slot, but when the line tank is sealed, we will encounter a bottleneck. Fall into the edge of the wire box or on the wire. If you do not wipe it in time, it will always be pasted on the wire, so it is difficult to wipe it off when the wire is connected. Can’t see.


And my master added an additional lid when he embedded the line box. As shown in the figure below, it is just in line with the line box. In order to make the lid lid more stringent, two more screws are added. When sealing the line slot, you can avoid the problem of cement into the line box, and you can also not need to take care of the line box during the construction process. Although this operation is very small Satisfaction.


Some intentional businesses will even type in the process of design, indicating that this cable box is a socket box, a network line box or just blocking the mouth. As shown in the figure below, the box box directly indicates what the box box is. In actual operation construction, it will save a lot of trouble, bringing convenience to the construction master, and the owner can see it at a glance. The right one can make corrections in time.

Does your master have such intimate actions?


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