Hello! Summer is here. When you go to work or interview, are you thinking about wearing any pants? Jeans are not very formal, the weather is hot, and you cannot wear shorts, skirts, skirts, and sometimes it feels inconvenient. Today I recommend the pants worn in summer. You can commute, interview, and are not afraid of glowing. It is also refreshing.

What I recommend to you today is the commute straight pants that can be worn in summer and very easy to wear. These versions are really good, thin and high, and the sense of verticality is also very good. It is not easy to wrinkle.

It ’s easy to wear at work, the white series does n’t penetrate, you can try all kinds of colors. Do n’t restrain them in black. Each pants with short tops are really excellent!

垂感十足的休闲 百搭 直筒 长裤 7家店铺推荐

The fabric is very good, simple and advanced, the leg shape is also great, and it is full of coolness in summer.

垂感十足的休闲 百搭 直筒 长裤 7家店铺推荐

The versatile and good -looking, the commute is also a very good choice ~

Susi flagship store

垂感十足的休闲 百搭 直筒 长裤 7家店铺推荐

Nianwu flagship store

垂感十足的休闲 百搭 直筒 长裤 7家店铺推荐

Yuyu flagship store

Floating Fragrance Clothing

Xieya flagship store

Mu Yuzi flagship store

菡 菡 flagship store

垂感十足的休闲 百搭 直筒 长裤 7家店铺推荐

come on! It’s full of vitality today!