There are two materials in the cabinet, one is quartz, and the other is stainless steel. Then the two materials are in the market, quartz stone, stainless steel accounts for a small part, because stainless steel color is too cold, according to the style of decoration If you have selected it, it may not be very mix, so there is more quartz stone.

First, quartz stone:

The quartz stone is similar to the mainstream products of the cabinet. It has high hardness, wear resistant, high temperature is not afraid of sun, the most important thing is that they are particularly beautiful, then it has no shortcomings? Yes, its shortcomings are unable to seamlessly splicing, how to fight, and some quartz stone will not leak.


Second, the advantages and disadvantages of the stone-based countertop

1. Some materials that make the cabinet will be easily scratched, while the stone stone’s countertop will not be like this, compressed by the vacuum, so that the hardness of the quartz stone is up to 7:00, everyone knows the highest hardness is Ten, So quartz stone will not be scratched easily. And the raw materials of quartzstones are highly melting materials, so quartz stone can high temperature. Although it is not natural stone, but after a special process, let Qi Shi also have real stone feelings.

2. After experiencing multiple processes, it has long been clearly clear, and the cabinets made can be placed on top of the product. The pigment of quartz stone is dominated by mineral pigments, like natural stone, and also has problems that are not easily discolored, not fading. Some countertops will be broken, the quartz stone will not, its elasticity is high, and it will not be easily broken. Daily maintenance is also very simple, convenient, can be done with general cleaners.


Three; stainless steel countertops

Advantages: high hardness, high temperature resistance, long service life, very beautiful metal, is very good with black door panel visual effect. Different from the surface treatment process can be divided into three kinds of embossed, brushed, mirror. Stainless steel is a traditional raw material of a home kitchen utensil. For tableware, stainless steel is the best endorsement. The stainless steel countertop is generally a thin stainless steel plate on the surface of the high-density fireproofboard, the texture is strong, easy to clean, and has the effect of three-dimensional part, and in all materials, stainless steel antibacterial properties is best.


Disadvantages: Visual sense, the feeling of cold ice ice, the same lack of reasonable and effective processing means in each corner site and each joint portion of the cabinet table. The countertop one but is scratched by tools, it will leave the traces that cannot be saved. These fine scratches are also easy to hide dirty, and we must pay more attention to the surface of it. At present, most of the stainless steel countertops is prone to oxidation, and the gap between the imported similar products is large. And imported products are higher.

Four; why quadrant stone cabinets are more popular;

Compared to stainless steel cabinets, the color and pattern of quartz materials are diverse, choose space, and can be comparable to natural stone. Moreover, the environmental protection of Quartzite itself is also relatively high, non-toxic and radiative, even more environmentally friendly than stainless steel. The most important thing is that the corrosion resistance of the quartz stone countertop is strong. The oil does not penetrate into the interior. Generally, it can be scratched directly with water or cleaner. It is also necessary to scrape the surface of the surface with the blade when necessary.

5; Is the stainless steel cabinet really not good?

Most friends think that the stainless steel cabinets are not good, the reason is nothing more than 2 points:

1. The price of stainless steel is more expensive, which is clear that the same size price may be five or six times the other materials.

2, stainless steel style is a single one, it is not like wooden cabinets, it can be made into various styles, stainless steel may give people cold ice.