Late autumn cream, Xiao Xiao’s leaves, autumn meaning, meaningful.

Entering late autumn, Changbai Mountain has become a painted plate that has been overturned. It is colorful and gorgeous. It is the most primitive and magnificent, like a kaleidoscope, everywhere is full of different beauty.

During the harvest season, the mountains are mature and delicious, wild walnuts, pine nuts, fungus, honey, and the well -known Changbai Mountain ginseng are all kinds of gifts of nature.

Tian Kun Daozon

Tian Kundao’s preferred specialty series -Tian Kun Dao Hazelnut, produced in Changbai Mountain, has a long history of eating. It is also called “the four major fruits of the world” with walnuts, almonds, and cashews, and has the reputation of “King of Nuts”.

Tian Kundao hazelnuts are small and round, nuts are white and sweet, and the natural aroma is restored to restore the mouth, and the more chewing the more fragrant, the more chewing can mobilize our facial nerves. It can also stimulate our nerves and relieve fatigue.

Hazelnuts, also known as chestnut, pointed chestnut or mule, are shrubs or small trees belonging to the birch family, about 1-7 m. The fruit of hazelnuts is yellow-brown, close to spherical, with a diameter of 0.7-1.5 cm, and the mature period is from September to October. Hazelnut is a precious dried fruit in the world, and one of the four major dried fruits (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews) in the world, and has the reputation of “King of Nuts”.

There are about 20 species of hazels in the world, and there are 9 species confirmed by academic circles, namely European Hazel, American Hazel and Turkish Hazel.

1. China


: There are 9 types of juveniles in China, namely Sichuan Hazel, Dian Hazel, Huayan, Wuling Hazel, Visi Hazel, Pingzan, Stab Harl, Mao Zhen, and Poon Bud Hazel. There are also 7 variants, namely Chuanzan variants short -handed Sichuan hazel, hair hazel variants short buds, hazel hazel, gland hair hazel, Huazha varieties, buds of juveniles, thorns variables, hidden stabbing hazels, flat junction long bud hazel, velvet hazel variants Wide -leaf bud hazel.


2. Introduction species

: There are European hazel, sharp hazel, and big fruit hazel, and have cultivated new inter -species hybrid -Pingou hybrid hazel. The origin of European Hazel is along the Mediterranean coast of Europe, Central Asia and West Asia in Asia. Its developed countries with relatively developed economic planting include Turkey, Spain, Italy, the United States, Greece, Iran, and the former Soviet Union.

In addition, hazelnuts also have abundant plant proteins, which contain 8 amino acids required by the human body. Among them, arginine and citrus can eliminate “ammonia” in the blood, enhance immunity, and eliminate fatigue.


A small hazelnut, not only delicious, but also so many nutrients, but must not be let go!