##[Hotel video exposure said: So far, there is no hotel to contact him and the information has not been exposed] On the evening of November 14, netizens@issued a heavy pound on Weibo on Weibo The video, exposed many five -star hotels he had stayed in the country’s serious hygiene issues, involved in well -known five -star hotels such as Eurple, Sheraton, Shangri -La, Hilton, and even Ritz Calton, Bulgari, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons Hotel, etc. Top hotels are also exposed to the same sanitary scandal. These sanitary chaos include: the waiter wipes the toilet with a rag and wipe the cup. The one -time cup lid is picked up by the waiter from the trash can for hotel guests to use.


After the Beijing Youth Daily reporter and the video publisher netizen@北京 北京 北京 losing the golden hoop stick, he said that no hotel is currently in touch with him to verify the relevant content. “I don’t want them to contact me either, I hope they don’t just call a phone call. I can’t accept this approach.” He said that he had done a similar investigation abroad and found that the hotel’s hygiene level and economy were found. The development status has nothing to do with: “Japan and Vietnam are doing well in this regard.”

In recent years, the hygiene of high -star hotels has been repeatedly exposed. How to deal with this problem? Netizen@网 网 网 网 Suggestions that the hotel can uniformly recycle and wash, and the waiter brings a recorder to work. In addition, he said that there are other records in his hand that have not been exposed: “I am very advised, and I have not exposed a few of the people. I do n’t look up and see it. Please let me stay normally next time, thank you.” (Beiqing Newspaper. Reporter Zhao Tingting) Tingting)

(Editor in charge: Yang Chang)