Hangzhou in summer is also higher than the usual temperature and a little bit hot, but the newcomers who want to take a wedding photo in Hangzhou will definitely expect their wedding photos to take a large sense of vision, so choose a dress. I also need to work hard on the top. Next, I followed the popular studio in Hangzhou wedding photography in Hangzhou wedding photography, Miss Lisa, the photography director of Fan Ka Photography, to learn the skills of choosing some summer wedding dresses ~~

1. Model selection of clothes

It can be matched with white gauze, color yarn, fresh couple clothing or fashion evening dress style and swimwear. The diverse types of clothing can shoot large -style blockbusters, making their wedding photos colorful. In terms of styles, this cool style can be used more from the suspender, tube top, short and back, and long -lasting. The fat girl is afraid that the meat can choose to cover the veil ~


2. Selection of clothes fabrics

Choose the white gauze of the gauze material in the summer. And couples choose more chiffon or air -breathable fabric clothing. Simple clothes can make the taste of first love in summer.

3. Selection of clothes color

Try not to choose black under the sun, you know. You can choose a white or cool color (such as blue, purple), which can give people a bright summer feeling. But it can’t be a single white, otherwise the wedding photos will be single.

TIPS: Summer wedding photos dress recommendation

Tube top wedding dress

Recommended index: ★★★★★

The cool tube top wedding dress is most suitable for summer, especially the light and elegant wedding dress, which has a small fresh feeling.

Tiber split gown

The suspender skirt is also cooler, especially the skirt with hip hips, fashion, covering meat, and thinness. It is the best choice for shooting yachts.

Fashion swimsuit

Summer and swimsuit are the most matching. Wearing a swimsuit to jump off the swimming pool. It is very cool to think about it. It can also capture the sweetness of the newcomers.

Wedding in front and long -lasting


Recommended index: ★★★★

This style is more suitable for small girls. She can shoot the beautiful legs of the younger sister, lengthen her, and also feel a sweet feeling.

Short wedding dress

It is especially suitable for petite girls, and can make a sense of vision of sweet little princess.


These are the choice of travel shooting wedding dress selection that Lisa summarizes. At the same time, their makeup artists and dresses of all Kaka will recommend different dresses according to the characteristics of the newcomers and the scenes they want to shoot. The appropriate makeup style is committed to making each bride the most beautiful. Of course, their makeup artists will also make makeup throughout the process, so that the bride is always the most beautiful in front of the camera. Some tidbits will also be recorded intimately to give newcomers. There is no sales link throughout the process. This is also a major advantage they have received.

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★