Many people’s living rooms will have a unique design of invisible doors.

Privacy in the family environment is also very important, such as the bedroom behind the living room and the cloakroom in the bedroom. The bedroom door was incorporated between the bookshelf wall and became very elegant.

How to design the design of the hidden door background wall of the living room, and how to design the hidden door background wall of the living room?

It is usually connected directly with the bedroom or bathroom, and there is no extra corner. Secondly, the invisible door background wall in the living room has a variety of shapes, including soft bag design, wooden structure, mirror reflection and hand -drawn walls, etc., and also pays attention to symmetrical structures, that is, two similar symmetrical doors are designed behind the background wall, one of which is similar to, one of which The fan is real, and the other is used for decoration.

Therefore, the decoration of the living room should be as simple and generous as possible. Today we can see some different styles of living rooms.

This style living room is usually dominated by light gray, light blue, light green or light powder as low saturation color, visually fresh and comfortable and not dazzling. Most of the furniture can be exposed to the primitive wooden long leg furniture on the ground, fresh and simple, and display space.

It is not suitable for placing too many sofas.

If you don’t like the traditional living room, you can also look at this small living room with beauty. Light beige curved small sofa is comfortable and comfortable.

The starting design around the TV can be placed in some decorations. The barriers between the TV cabinet and the balcony are also beautiful and practical. It can be accepted and decorated. The blue multi -layer sofa can accommodate the family to sit here to eliminate traditional furniture such as coffee table cabinets. Suitable for this.

This design is relatively strong. Many sofas with dark coffee tables seem stable and atmospheric. The diamond -shaped room sofa walls and TV walls also echo the circular ceiling lights.

The marble TV wall looks simple and neat. The sofa also chose an irregular shape, which seemed to be more casual and comfortable as a whole.

The layout of this sofa in the middle and partition living room and restaurants is also common.

Put the painting on the side of the TV cabinet, and with a small coffee table, it feels very delicate.

Choosing this two -person sofa is also a wise choice, it is small enough and exquisite.

Small living rooms can also choose this layout, small sofas and coffee tables, geometric pattern carpets, simple TV cabinets, and then there is a space to put a fighting cabinet.

In order to avoid the monotonous sense of the TV wall, the mix of various materials and elements is cleverly used, and the texture and color are intertwined.

Simple design is sought after, and the shape of the suspended TV cabinet avoids the thickness of the large -scale window to the space.