On January 10, the new book launch conference of the “Modern Chinese Application Standard Dictionary” published by the Ministry of Education and the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education and published by the Chinese Publishing House was held.

“Modern Chinese Application Norms Dictionary”, as a medium -sized Chinese dictionary, is the purpose of implementing national language norms, promoting the popularization of national language, and improving national language application capabilities.Under the auspices of the famous dictionary, Li Xingjian, the dictionary was made by more than 20 experts.

The dictionary contains 8105 Chinese characters in the “General Specification Chinese Character Table”, and about 40,000 words commonly used in modern Chinese. It is prompted that the pronunciation, writing, meaning, and usage of words that are prone to errors are distinguished by more than 2,000 words or related words.EssenceIn addition, the dictionary focuses on the polyphonic phonetic righteousness, and has made a comprehensive presentation of Chinese characters strokes, heads, structures, and groups of words. It focuses on practicality and standardization. It is close to the actual needs of Chinese learning and applications.Especially the majority of teachers and students of primary and secondary schools.

Reporter Yu Chuang