Many office workers choose to use plastic fresh -keeping boxes to the company and use microwave ovens to heat. The plastic fresh -keeping box has three types of PP material, plastic PET material and PC material. Plastic fresh -keeping box can generally be placed in microwave oven to heat, but it must be controlled and temperature; not all materials are suitable for putting in a microwave oven, such as PP material exceeding 140 more than 140 The degree will release harmful substances, so it is not recommended to put it in. In addition, do not rush to open after heating or freezing with plastic fresh boxes, and do not put it for too long. Let’s take a look at the use of plastic fresh -keeping box!

What are the types of plastic fresh -keeping boxes?

1. Plastic PP material

Non-toxic, tasteless, small density, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low-pressure polyethylene, which can be used at about 100 degrees. It has good electrical and high-frequency insulation. High thermality, toughness and chemical resistance are very good. The most commonly used food plastic products. Disadvantages: turn crispy, wear -resistant, and aging at low temperature.

2. Plastic PET material

Milky white or light yellow, highly crystal polymers, smooth and shiny on the surface. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties within a wider temperature range. The heat resistance to 70 ° C, only suitable for warm drinks or freezing drinks, high temperature liquid, or heating is easy to deform. Such as mineral water bottle, so do not take mineral water bottle hot water.

3. Plastic PC material

A well -comprehensive non -crystal thermoplastic resin with excellent electrical insulation, extension, size stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength; advantage. Disadvantages: The disadvantage is that compared with the metal insufficient hardness, the appearance is easier to scrape. PC glue is released with heat release bisphenol A. Pay special attention when using this plastic container. Many water cups and bottles use this material.

Can the plastic fresh -keeping box be heated in a microwave oven?

1. Plastic preservation box can be placed in a microwave oven to heat, but it must be controlled and temperature, and when placing the fresh -keeping box in the microwave oven, do not seal the fresh -keeping box. The food in the fresh -keeping box is heated to ensure the life of the family’s health and the life of the fresh -keeping box.

2. The heating time of the plastic fresh -keeping box should not be very long, and it cannot exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Because the cover is covered, the heating time will be shortened a lot. If you want to heated for a long time, leave the lid to open a little gap. The fresh -keeping box is generally very tight.

3. Remind everyone, it is best not to use plastic utensils for microwave ovens to heal. If it exceeds 140 degrees, PP materials will release harmful substances. But this degree is difficult to grasp. If there is oil in heated food, it will easily exceed 140 degrees.

4. General PC’s fresh -keeping box can also be put in a microwave oven. PC is a kind of non -fixed, odorless, non -toxic, highly transparent colorless or slightly yellow thermoplastic engineering plastic. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially Excellent impact resistance, high stretching strength, bending strength, and high compression strength; small peristalsis, stable size; good thermal resistance and low temperature resistance, stable mechanical properties in a wide temperature range, stable size in size, stable size Selection, electrical properties and flame retardability can be used for a long time at -60 ~ 120 ° C; no obvious melting point is melting at 220-230 ° C.

How to use plastic fresh -keeping box correctly

1. Try not to put a microwave oven to heat

Ordinary plastic fresh -keeping box generally can only tolerate 120 ° C. It is easy to deform when adding microwave ovens. It is best to use a microwave oven special box to heat, especially foods with more oil and sugar. When putting in a microwave oven, you must first release the box lid junction device before using it. If you use it after locking the lid, the fresh -keeping box will deform or burst due to pressure. When used in the microwave oven, if the food is more oil and sugar in the food, the fresh -keeping box will deform when the temperature rises rapidly.

2. Don’t rush to open

Take out the fresh -keeping box from the frozen room. Do not open it immediately. It is better to open it in room temperature for 1 to 2 minutes.

塑料保鲜盒可以放微波炉加热吗 如何正确使用保鲜盒

3. Not any food can be put

Foam or fermented food, and carbonated drinks can reduce the sealing capacity of fresh -keeping boxes or even lose, so try not to put it in the fresh -keeping box. In addition, too hot foods will be the same, it is best to put it in before putting it in.

4. Don’t put it too long for a long time

Even if it is placed in the fresh -keeping box and then put it in the refrigerator, it is not universal. The food preservation time is different. Don’t just rely on the sealing capacity of the fresh -keeping box to eat as soon as possible.

5. Don’t rely too much on fresh -keeping function

Different foods have different time preservation. Do not rely on the sealing capacity of fresh -keeping boxes, and should be eaten as soon as possible.