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Entering winter, jackets are one of the essential items, especially in such a cold season. How can there be no jacket to come out? For a 40 -year -old woman, what kind of coat should I choose for herself?

Generally, women of this age must learn to “disconnect”, try to abandon tedious and complicated items, and wear more practical coats below. It is very fashionable! ▼


What are these practical jackets?

1. Pure color long coat

Speaking of solid color long coats, I believe that many female friends will not be lacking in the wardrobe of female friends? Such a jacket is not only versatile but also very unclear, suitable for women of all ages.

Of course, how can such a 40+ middle -aged woman miss such a practical coat? The more such a simple style, the more you can wear a high -level and atmospheric sense. When choosing this solid color long coat, you must pay attention to your materials and fabrics. Choose the excellent fabric Your dressing taste can also lengthen your body proportion in virtue.


For so many colorful long coats of different colors, which one do you prefer? For women in their 40s, when choosing a coat color, you don’t have to choose classic black. This low -saturated bright color model is not only lined with skin tone, but also very white. It is important to be very young and reduced. age.

As for the version of the coat, you can choose the moderate width. You must not be too large or too much. You can better modify your body and make you dress generously. You can choose a variety of pants or skirts in the inside, each with its own beauty!


2. Mid -long down jacket

In the face of such a cold season, how can you miss a down jacket out of the door? For women in their 40s, when choosing down jacket styles, not only the style, but also the length, the appropriate length can not only ensure the wearing temperature, but also cover the shortcomings of the figure.

Compared to the short short models and some procrastinating long models, Lily recommends you to start a medium -length down jacket. This length is just left and right on the knee. It can cover your hips and thighs well. Slim ~


Of course, in addition to choosing the length, the color should be controlled properly. If you are not very sure about the color matching, you may choose the classic black obediently. Lily feels that there is nothing more versatile and not picky than classic black down jackets. What do you think?


Simply long down jacket, the most suitable middle -aged women who are most suitable for wear, simply wear a shirt or a base, and it can easily create the fashion and atmosphere you want.

3. sweater cardigan jacket


Most of the winter has passed, I believe it will not be too far away from spring. What do you say? At that time, you can choose a sweater to wear, so comfortable and very unclear jacket. Lily thinks that whether it is a young girl or a 40 -year -old woman, you can wear your own beautiful side.


Black knitted sweater cardigan jacket, open directly to wear, it will be a little more casual. When the temperature rises, it can be directly equipped with a white T -shirt, plus a pair of jeans on the lower body. The dress is right.

For women in their 40s, when choosing a jacket to wear in winter, it is more appropriate to get more practical models. Compared with the tedious design of the design, simple basic models can help you create a fashionable and generous look.

Especially in color, don’t blindly choose classic colors. Occasionally, you can try this low -saturated bright color, and it is too lined with skin tone behind the upper body. Isn’t it? The key can make you look more tender and younger. The other is the material of the cardigan. The fabric should choose the soft comfort, so that it will make you look more tasteful!

4. Leisure suit jacket

Speaking of suit jackets, I believe many people are not unfamiliar? However, most women are more exclusive to such a jacket. The main reason is that they are worried that they will wear it very rigorous.

In fact, as long as you choose the right style, this situation can be greatly changed. When a 40 -year -old woman, when choosing a coat, you can start with this casual suit jacket, loose and moderate dress version, which is more comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear. , It can also cover up the shortcomings on the body. Choose a pair of suit pants to match it, it looks very capable.

When you want to wear a suit jacket, reduce the dullness and rigor brought by it, try to wear black models as little as possible, try this low -key light -colored series, it is too temperamental to wear? The fitted version not only allows you to dress generously, but also inadvertently modify the figure. Choose a long skirt to match it. It is very good to resolve the rigidity of a suit jacket. It is so elegant and mature. It is worth learning from older women.


Well, today Lily’s sharing is over here. Thank you for reading your little fairy. The 40 -year -old woman dress in winter, and learn to “break away”, wear these practical jackets, fashion!