According to Jiangsu Public · News Channel “News Space Station” reports: In the hot summer, many citizens will choose to buy beverages and drinks at home. However, when buying, you must be carefully distinguished, don’t accidentally buy counterfeit products.

On July 10th, during the inspection of the Zhangjiagang market law enforcement officers in Suzhou, a large number of canned cola was piled up in a warehouse, and it was a big greasy.


Tang Yexiang, the Dongcheng Branch of the Zhangjiagang Market Supervision Bureau, introduced that the packaging fonts of this cola are very similar to the normal cola, but they are not entrusted by Coca -Cola Company to authorize to produce. They are produced by Shandong Longchuang Food Co., Ltd. , Not what we usually think of Coca -Cola.

The law enforcement officers counted it and found that there were still a lot of cohesion, nearly 20,000 cans. The law enforcement officers learned that these colas were mainly wholesale to some barbecue restaurants and bars at low prices.

The warehouse manager introduced that this cola sells nine dollars and has twelve cans.


In the warehouse, law enforcement officers also found a group of counterfeit coconut juice drinks with more than 1,600 bottles. Law enforcement officers said that these beverages violated the exclusive right to trademarks and they would handle the dealers.

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