After entering the autumn, the most practical and fashionable shoes are this versatile short boots. Whether it is pants or skirts, short boots can be held easily, so short boots become the most stars and fashion icons. Love.


Autumn is a good season for wearing short boots. Which autumn clothes are more matched? How can I wear a trendy of short boots? Let’s get up quickly.

1. Short boots+jeans


▲ Martin boots are a more popular one in short boots. Martin boots, as the originator of the street, have a tough and handsome style. With casual jeans, the cool side of women is perfectly presented. The jeans with Martin boots want to wear fashionable. , Choose a casual balog pants, which is very fashionable and long.

▲ The little girl thinks that Martin boots are not enough to increase the height. This high -heeled short boots is indeed a good choice. The small heels are more feminine than Martin boots. They are very suitable for petite girls. Sexuality reveals elegant little women.

▲ Rough -heel ordinary short boots are the most common classic models in daily life. It seems that it has never been popular but has never been outdated. Prepare a pair of such short boots, because the classic models are always versatile. Jeans are very durable. If your legs are thick, it is recommended that you choose this short boots. It is more heel and thick heel is more suitable for thick legs.

Second, short boots+flared pants

▲ In the past two years, flared pants have set off a fashion trend again. More and more fashionable stars are keen on this retro flared pants. In fact, flared pants are one of the few very modified legs in pants. The knee began to loosen at the bottom of the knee, showing a horn -like shape. This characteristic is very modified, which is very suitable for girls with thick calf. The thighs are thinner.

▲ Pants with short boots, in addition to leggings such as leggings, do not have too long pants, the length of the seven or eight points is just right, the most legs are long. If your ankle is thinner, you can also choose a seven -point point. Pants with short boots to show your advantages.

Third, short boots+cone pants

▲ The cone pants are just opposite to the flared pants. It is wide and narrow, so it is very suitable for girls with thick thighs. The cone pants with short boots give people a very tide, especially retro checkered Pants, with a strong British style, the embellishment of short boots is just right.


▲ The combination of cone pants and short boots is also very diverse. Casual and handsome workpants are more suitable for cool little leather boots, and some tone pants are more matched with Xiao Qiao’s fine -telpted boots. Paying more attention to small details will make your overall feeling very different.


Four, short boots+south pants


▲ I said before, the length of the south pants is just right, it is the most lengthy length of the legs. With a pair of medium -heeled boots, a thin ankle, sexy and very temperament, the effect of choosing straight pants to choose a straight tube will be better. Fashion is also very versatile. The key is that straight pants are slightly loose and not picking leg shape.

▲ Don’t say too much, don’t eat too much rice, don’t wear too long pants, eight points are just right. It is not difficult to find that the girls are not difficult to find that whether it is jeans, casual pants, or trousers, the length of the eight points is very fashionable, especially girls with good legs. If you do n’t try this match, you waste your beautiful legs.

Five, short boots+long skirts


▲ Speaking of the beautiful long skirts now, the long skirts have always been the favorite of the little fairies. How can it be less in autumn? With simple and stylish short boots, don’t be too beautiful. The printed skirts have a fire every summer. Until autumn can still wear it to go out.


▲ In addition to the full of goddess’s dresses, long skirts and short boots are also very good, especially in autumn, half -body skirts with short boots, more retro flavors, compared to the dressing of the dress, the skirt is more fashionable.


▲ The romantic and beautiful long skirt, with a pair of handsome small boots, mix and match a different sense of fashion. When the weather is cold, you can add a coat, fashionable and warm, so that you can always spend this beautifully through this beautifully. Throughout autumn.

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