Refrigerators, TV, washing machines, three major households, the most frequently used electrical appliances are washing machines.

Today I will talk to you about the purchase experience of washing machines.

There is no routine, purely sharing a few easy -to -use products, rest assured to look down.


Ximenzi XQG100-WM12P2692W 10 kg inverted drum washing machine

This washing machine has an Isensoric wisdom system that allows the washing machine to accurately understand the weight of clothing and automatically adjust the speed to provide targeted washing solutions. Built -in -wash, wool washing, mixed washing, down washing and other different washing modes. We can also choose independently according to the type of clothing, make high -efficiency washing for different types of clothing, and care for clothing materials.

TCL XQG80-P300B 8 kg inverter drum washing machine

4款洗衣机推荐 大容量、高转速 关键还降噪

It also uses the BLDC inverter motor. This washing machine has a diameter of 505mm. The clothes are more stretched and the washing effect is better. 16 kinds of self-programming washing procedures, water temperature 0-95 ° C can be adjusted, supporting adding clothes halfway and heating at high temperature. With wisdom perception function, it can automatically sense the environment and the amount of clothing in the barrel to avoid hidden dangers caused by error operations. The color protection washing function combined with the S -spraying to improve the muscles, and the inner inner tube of the convex honeycomb structure can effectively reduce clothing wear. Smooth plane outer tube is not easy to hide dirt.

Mijia inverter drum washing machine 1A

This washing machine washing capacity was 8kg, using a BLDC inverter motor, the maximum dehydration speed was 1200 rpm, the national first -level energy efficiency, equipped with 10 professional washing modes, supported 15 minutes fast washing, supporting 24 -hour appointment washing. Equipped with a 95 ℃ high -temperature bucket self -cleaning function, supporting adding clothes halfway, with safety children’s locks, can effectively prevent misunderstanding, with power -breaking memory functions. It can work directly after accidents and recovery. It is more practical.

Mijia Polywan Washing Machine Enjoyment Edition 10KG

This washing machine uses a DD direct -drive motor wave wheel washing machine, which has strong power and low noise. It can also automatically perceive the weight of the clothing. The laundry liquid is accurate, and the nano -silver ion sterilization is equipped. It deepen the fiber of clothing with the water flow, with a sterilization rate of 96%and a mite removal rate of 99.9%. Fresh 16 kinds of washing programs can meet the washing needs of different clothing, support Mijia Intelligent APP interconnection, and link with Mijia ecological products.

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