Summary: Mal -cut robots are intelligent competition on the lawn.

Electric robots and sweeping robots are already mature industry applications.

With the development of lithium battery and identification technology, grass -cut robots are becoming a new blue ocean.

The cutting machine is gradually bidding farewell to the fuel era.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

According to Xingye Securities,

The global grass-cut robot market is expected to reach US $ 3.5 billion in market size in 2026, and the compound annual growth rate of 2021E-20126E is expected to reach 12%.

Facing a new market -driven market, domestic technology companies are eager to try.

History of evolution of grass cutting machines from manual

The grass cutting machine is a huge market with a market close to $ 30 billion.

According to Grand ViewResearch data, the global grass -cutting machine industry was US $ 30.1 billion in 2020.

In the 1.0 era, the grass cutting machine from manual to fuel cutting machine to AC electric power cutting machine

(Plug -in, the range of movement is limited), and then the DC electric power cutting machine (battery, mobile).

To this day, these products in the 1.0 era are still the mainstream of the market and have their own application scenarios.

For example, a large area of ​​lawn is suitable for ride -ride cutting machines.

The mortar cutting machine of the external power and lithium battery is more suitable for small -scale lawns such as gardens and courtyards.

The emergence of grass -cutting robots allows grass cutting machines to gradually bid farewell to the 1.0 era.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

Husqvarna invented the first solar -driven grass -cutting robot in 1995. Since then, the intelligent grass cut machine industry has begun.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

The early grass -cut robots, like the scanning robot, technology

Non -autonomous planning path.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

In the past two years, with the advancement of lithium battery technology and intelligent identification, autonomous driving, the penetration rate of intelligent robots on the independent planning path has increased rapidly.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

The global grass-cut robot market is expected to reach US $ 3.5 billion in market size in 2026, and the compound annual growth rate of 2021E-20126E is expected to reach 12%.

What is the mysteries of the European market?

The gardening equipment based on grass cutting machines is mainly the United States, Europe and Canada.

But the penetration rate of grass -cutting robots is far ahead.

According to Fu Shihua’s data,

At present, the penetration rate of domestic robots in northwestern Europe has the highest penetration rate, reaching 50%-60%of the penetration rate, and the penetration rate of Britain and the United States is still 5%or below, and it is in the starting period of the industry.

The reason for the low infiltration rate in the UK is that there are more large public parks in the UK, and the average family lawn is smaller.

As a result, Britain’s demand for home -cutting robots that can reduce labor costs and manpower has increased slowly.

Therefore, the pain points of the grass -cut robot solving in the family application scenarios are the high maintenance costs of the family lawn.

According to titanium media articles, in the US market, family

The annual cost of the lawn outsourcing is roughly 1,000-1200 US dollars.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

It also needs to pay for time, equipment purchase costs, equipment maintenance costs, etc.

So why is Europe’s penetration rate much higher than the US market?

The first reason is that European lawns belong to small and medium -sized lawns,

300-400 square meters. The lawn area of ​​the American household market is large, and the promotion of grass -cut robots with lithium battery as the main power still faces more pain points. Therefore, it is more suitable for small and medium -sized lawns in Europe.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

The second reason is that Europe has implemented severe environmental protection policies earlier.

The third reason is that Europe has lower labor participation rates, which means higher labor costs.

However, with the advancement of lithium battery technology and the emphasis on environmental protection in the United States, the pain points of the US market are gradually solving.

From grass cutting machine to grass -cut robot

The market pattern of the cutting machine is relatively stable.

Mainly many old manual tool players such as Fu Shihua, Bao Shi, Greebo, Daye, and Quanfeng Holdings have been deeply cultivated in the market.

In the past, these old -fashioned companies have also obtained the first advantage of the grass -cut robot market.

The current competition pattern of grass -cutting robotics has a concentrated market share. Futchihua, Gardena (belonging to Fu Shihua Group), and Bao Shi’s brand 3 brands, as of January 2022, accounting for 90%of the market share.

At the same time, the technology -leading new energy, electric tools, and home appliance companies are raising this huge market.

These companies broke the situation with technology and launched smart grass -cut robots.

Speaking of this, the technical barriers of grass -cut robots are mainly divided into the following aspects.

The first is the sensor, including collision, ultrasonic, laser, vision and other solutions.

Ultrasound cost is the most economical and the highest laser accuracy (high cost).

The industry leader Fu Shihua mainly uses ultrasonic technology.

Second, the algorithm of positioning navigation and obstacles.

Positioning navigation, mainly RTK, is based on GPS, improves the outdoor range accuracy, and it is difficult to have new technologies within 10 years.

The obstacle avoidance is to avoid static/dynamic obstacles based on sensor data, maintain movement in the target, and navigate in real time.

In short, it is the autonomous driving technology in the closed area.

In this regard, it is the competitive advantage of technology -driven companies such as Cobos, No. 9, IROBOT, and DJI.

Domestic brands quickly enter the bureau

At present, the industry’s global leading company is Fu Shihua.

Its market positioning is the leading grass -cut robot leader in global outdoor power tools.

In 2020, the company ranked first in the global outdoor power tool market, reaching 12.1%.

In fiscal 2021, the company’s revenue reached $ 5.068 billion, of which 670 million US dollars were grass -cut robots.

The price of grass-cut robots under Fu Shihua is relatively high, and the price segment ranges from $ 1399.99-4799.99.

As of January 2022, Fu Shihua has developed products that are suitable for 1.25 acres, with a maximum operation of 270 minutes and equipped with voice sound control technology.

In addition to Fu Shihua, there are also traditional electric tool companies leading the world in China.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

Bao Shi is one of the largest electric tool manufacturers and exporters headquarters in Suzhou.

Bao Shi had proposed a brand development strategic plan in 1999, and in 2004, he successfully allowed the WORX brand to enter the overseas market. It currently has brands such as WORX (Woks) and Rockwell.

Bao Shi is an important participant for the “wiring+random collision” grass -cut robot, accounting for about 25%.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

The price section of the grass-cutting robot in Bao Shi was distributed in the $ 949.99-1399.99 range, which is relatively cost-effective.

New domestic players include companies No. 9, Cobos, Quanfeng Holdings, etc.

In September 21, the No. 9 company officially released the first intelligent grass -cut robot Navimow, which has achieved technical leading advantages that do not need to be buried.

The technical principles of non -intelligent grass -cut robots are random collisions and require artificially embedded lines.

This will save users a large amount of labor costs and maintenance costs.

No. 9 will open the market through the acquired overseas well -known overseas brand Segway.

The same technology reserves include Cobos, DJI, Stone Technology, etc.

Regarding the future market prospects of grass -cutting robots, Zhejiang Business Securities believes that overall in the industry, the penetration rate of grass -cut robots is low and is in its infancy.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?

At the same time, there are still large pain points in some markets that have not been resolved. The core function of technology & product is the main driving factor at the current stage.

When the product performance gradually improves the pain points, the growth rate of the overall grass -cut robot is far more than that.

草坪打响自动驾驶竞赛 或是下一个家庭机器人的大市场?


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