With the rapid development of the domestic economy, people’s living standards are increasingly improved, and the living methods and consumption structures have also improved significantly. This will undoubtedly bring new challenges and business opportunities to the domestic catering industry, especially golden hand bread.


Golden hand tears bread, the appearance level is clear, it is fun to tear up layers by hand, and it tastes very fragrant.

Golden hand -tear bread realizes people’s personalized, characteristic and vivid service requirements. It is a new hope put forward by young consumers in the catering industry in China. As people’s consumer living standards have improved, the golden hand -tear bread franchise stores should pay attention to the specific requirements of consumers, provide targeted services for consumer scenarios, consumption time and consumer targets, thereby shaping the bread cakes that meet the needs of consumers. The image of the store has opened a distinctive consumer scenario, allowing people not only to consume golden hand -tear bread, but also enjoy the cultural meaning of the product.

Golden hand -tear bread is the development direction of tourism food, casual food and fast food food. Because modern social tourism has become the best way to relax themselves and happy life, and the portability of golden hand -tear bread, the food nature provides a lot of convenience for travelers. So golden hand -tear bread has become the first choice for travelers.

Okay, let ’s take a look at the specific methods of golden hand -tear bread. First of all, we list the formula of the golden hand tortured bread.


Formula: (take the amount of 15 catties of flour as an example)


High -gluten flour 5250 grams of salt 60 grams of sweet sliced ​​oil 2500 grams


Low gluten flour 2250 grams of white sugar 1300 grams of yeast 120 grams

Egg 1000 grams of refining milk 100 grams of old noodles 750 grams


Shimizu 2900 grams of butter 750 grams


Let’s know once, what are the raw materials we use, and see the figure below:

Method steps: The above raw materials are properly referred to, mixing flour, sugar, etc. with the mixing time with a mixer, the mixing time is 60 seconds (2200 rpm in one minute).

Reflected water, water, eggs, and refining milk (refining milk is a kind of milk product. Drinks made of fresh milk or goat milk are disinfected. It is characterized by storage for a long time.), Slowly stirred into noodles.

Add the old noodles and replace it until it becomes a thin film.

Then add butter and salt

Stir into a smooth dough, that is, end up with the noodles, and roll the living dough with a rolling pin into a 2 cm thick noodle sheet. Put it in the refrigerator for half an hour-40 minutes, take out and roll and go.


Roll out the noodles and wrap the sweet slices oil.

Rolling the thickness of 0.5 cm, 10 cm long, and 40 cm wide, and folded like a quilt at both ends.

Then follow the previous step, fold it again when it is stacked like that


Fold into this shape and put it in the mold

Then ferment to 1.5 times large, about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Ferment to 80 %, brush the egg yolk fluid

Then put it in the preheated oven in advance, here is a family oven. The temperature is adjusted to about 190 degrees and baked for about 25 minutes. The surface is golden yellow.


With different molds, you can make different tricks.

Pay attention to the golden hand tear bread:


1. Do not rub the gluten for the dough, because the folding gluten should be enhanced naturally when the handicraft is pressed.


2. The temperature of the dough should be consistent with the temperature of the butter, otherwise the dough or oil will break.


3. Pay attention to the relaxation when the quilt is stacked.

4. Pay attention to the refrigerator when it is three % off and twice, otherwise the dough will break.

5. Do not use too high temperatures when you wake up, because there are more butter in bread, and this butter is low -temperature oil.


6. When baking hand tore bread, pay attention to baking at high temperature until the bread type, and bake in low heat. Hope to help novices. Friends can also pay attention to our WeChat XZWSFMS. understand more.