There is a statistical statistics, and my country’s primary and secondary school students’ intelligent mobile phone has 68.1%.

For now students, the phone has become their daily necessities. Even the primary school students, there are more people to have mobile phones.

It can be seen that the popularity of mobile phones is still very high.

This brings a lot of convenience to our lives, but the emergence of mobile phones also seriously affects students’ learning. It is precisely because of the real harm, so the school is basically not allowed to bring the student with a mobile phone.

Although the teacher management students have a set, it is the so-called policy, and there is a countermeasure. Even if the school does not allow students to bring mobile phones, students are not allowed to play mobile phones, but the student party still has a way to bring the phone into it.

Even the students found a variety of ways to discover the way, today, let’s take a look.

Student Party “Fancy Tibet” fire:

It is necessary to say that the students’ tricks are tried, and most people first think of it is some very small way. For example, hidden above the desk or clip in the book.

If it is a little bit slightly, maybe a dictionary will take a dictionary, hide a mobile phone in the dictionary, so that the teacher can’t find it.

But in fact, these methods are still weak.

This is not, recently, online one can

Tibetan mobile phone cup

Causes the attention of netizens. I started to discover this thing because of a video.

The teacher in the video found that the student’s water cup did not seem to have any abnormalities, and there was no difference between the ordinary cup. However, it can open the base from the bottom. After opening, you will find that there is one

The groove can be placed in a mobile phone.

And not only this, this

Above the cup, there is also a space for the charger,

High-tech is shocked by the teacher. Netizens also caused a small dispute:

– What is the people invented in this kind of thing? Can conscience not hurt?

– In fact, this is not a business, even if it is not inventing this kind of thing, I really want to play students will think about other ways.


– The phone is really harmful to the present.



Although this, such things will appear on the market, indeed make many parents feel dissatisfied, so that parents think that this kind of thing will pit a child, but the front netizens don’t make sense.


If you don’t have a child, how can you find such something and buy this? Even if there is no such a hidden mobile phone artifact, this kind of child will choose other ways to go to the phone?


So, with its blame people, it is better to reflect on your own problems and children’s education.

Child addicts mobile phones, mostly because of these:

Although it is said that the mobile phone is popular in my country, the basic person is one, but the child is obsessed with mobile phones. In fact, parents should account for a large one half of responsibility.


If the parents usually never play mobile phones in front of their children, and they can make a variety of things to enrich the child’s life, the child does not see the mobile phone.

Moreover, the child is addicted to the mobile phone, and there is one of the most important reasons.

If parents usually praise their children, rarely accompany their children, very few children, children will gradually enclose their hearts, seek other means comfort.

And the phone is a way. Therefore, the child is addicted to the mobile phone. Parents should reflect on their words and deeds. Don’t just know the responsibility to make the child.

Don’t want your child to add your mobile phone, parents should try their best to do this:

Want to avoid children to add your mobile phone,



Parents have to end their own words and deeds.

If the parents have been holding a mobile phone every day, the child will inevitably follow the situation of the parents, and will not be self-extricted by the phone.

So, if you want to eliminate your child’s phenomenon, your parents must first take them.


If a parent wants to avoid children to add your mobile phone, parents need to accompany their children, participate in the child’s life.

There are many parents who have been busy because they are busy. Even if they return home, they are also very contact with children, let alone communicate.

So these children do not want to talk to their parents, easier to add your mobile phone. Therefore, parents must give their children as much as possible.

Last one

It is also very important, that is, parents should make children do things.

Some children have been addicted to the mobile phone, mainly because they don’t have any hobbies, the only entertainment, only play mobile phones.


If parents really want children to quit mobile phones, they should let their children are busy, let them don’t have a minute to be idle, you can take your child to exercise, or take your child to learn things, you have made your child’s life more Significant way.

Otherwise, the child is very easy to make an addiction of your mobile phone.


The popularity of mobile phones has brought us a lot of convenience, and it also brought a lot of negative impact on the life of children. As a parent, we must realize the severity of this problem.

Otherwise, when the child reaches a certain degree of adding the fatigue of the mobile phone, I want to correct the child, let the child have changed this bad problem, it is very difficult.

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