The League of Legends mobile games in the national service two rounds of internal tests are also a period of time. It is also continued to continue to have some heroes to the game. For example, Rui Wen is on the line, but also a certain heat, but in the next year There is an end tour of the hero will be synchronized to the mobile game. I learned in the mouth of the KS anchor, and the heroes in the League of League of League are hammered.


The aquary ghost is said that the hammer is a particularly strong assist hero in the game, because the current in the international service is still in the national service, in fact, the auxiliary hero is not particularly, but in the end tour, hammer stone The overall heat is very high, absolutely able to calculate the popular assistance of the preceding list of the rankings, so the anchor ghosts feel that after the hammer is on the line, it is definitely a popular assistant in the mobile game.

. Because the anchor ghost is thinking that the hero of the hammer has strong control capabilities in the game, and it is basically some group control, and the ability to protect, it has two points undoubtedly push the hammer stone to auxiliary position. T0 position. However, it is expected that the ghosts say that the hero of the hammer has made a change in the game, that is, the model of the hammer has changed, and some forums in foreign countries are also this. One change is very dissatisfied.

It turned out to be in the national service, the image of the hammer of the hammer did not pass, but in order to keep the mobile game in all regions, all have changed, but there are still many players who are not supported. After all, The model of the hammer stone has been used to it. How do new models look at a little, and if you look at it, the new model of the hammer is even more frightened than before.


Anyway, change the model does not change the skills, this is for the players’ experience, there is no great difference, especially in the game bureau. Although the ghost and feet said it was an anchor, it is very understandable for some of the dynamics in the game. After all, it has been hitting the national service from the international suit. Monthly time.

So the most profound of the anchor of the anchor is the most profound, in the current version, the hero of the Qingji Ying, which is very high, because during this time, Yintong Ying as a Ordering heroes, it can be said that it is high, and the anchor ghosts don’t want to play. However, in this way, we also saw the anchor ghost and feet are also the leader of the League of Legends. The first place in the national service Qingqi Ying. When playing international service, the anchor ghost is even more than every season. National service first position.

And the aquatic ghost is still a special funny anchor, because it is a southerner, which leads to a bit heavy and double blessings. Hand game anchor is very outstanding.


Overall, today’s League of Legends is also moving towards a very good trend, and the hero is another land on the game. A variety of excellent anchors are also endless, and the future hero alliance is online after online, certain It will be very hot.