In recent years, many news broke in the hot kettle of the hotel, cooking the news of socks, so that many households who use the hotel’s hot kettle. Nowadays, more and more abrupt, the traveling people began to bring their own hot kettle, try to avoid the use of the hotel’s hot kettle. General household electric kettle, large size, weight, and is undoubtedly increasing burden.

Recently, Mijia has launched a lightweight and portable rice home electric hot cup. The power is 300W. It has one button insulation, multiple safety protection and other functions. Only 147 yuan to the hand price [millet (mi) rice electric cup portable thermal insulation cup] .


It is well known that foreign tourism is not suitable for excessive, too heavy items, so as not to affect the mood and progress. And this rice-house electric cup capacity is 350ml, not only can be held in one hand, but also easy to put into a backpack, a suitcase, etc. The length is 21.5 cm, a diameter of 7.7 cm, and the size is small, it is easy. Carry-on board, ready to drink hot water, warm heart also warm the stomach.

It is understood that the internally bilateral 304 stainless steel is used inside the Mijia Electric Cup Cup, and the intermediate has a central controlled insulation layer. It is equipped with no tail vacuum technology. It not only avoids hot water, but also achieves 6 hours. Effective temperature. In addition, the electric heating cup also uses a cellular flashed cover, and supports a bond to boast water and opening the water, which can effectively avoid the risk of water and gas splash when boiling.

In terms of safety performance, the rice household hot cup uses a precise NTC temperature sensor, and can monitor the temperature in the cup in real time, and the protection function of anti-dry burning; in addition to this, it also has a water pouring protection function, such as In the process of burning, the inclination angle of the electric heating cup exceeds 55 degrees, and the whole machine will immediately stop working and protect the user’s safety.

In general, this rice-home hot water cup is very cost-effective in performance or price, which can not only make it easy for the holiday, which can make you feel warm in the dormitory, warm water, Interested friends may wish to start a billboard ~