“In nature, light has created color. In the picture, color creates light.”

Hans Hoffman


In home, color and light are needed as needed. How to use lights and color creative artists?


Located in the cozy village residence in Poland, rattan, log, white three best partners, a collection here. Each chandelier is very characteristic, the whole space integrates classic American and Scandinavian aesthetic elements, which seems calm and light.


Let’s feel this simple home.


Guest Reputation: Colorful Art

▲ Get a macarre kitchen space, which not only avoids the lack of lighting in the old house, but also brought the happiness of the row. Elegant Mi-white tune, as well as furniture composed of vines, logs, feeling aesthetics with temperatures.

▲ Fresh and beautiful glass cabinet is a good helper for home life. Black and white interleaved ceiling and doors and windows, feel the atmosphere of the thick line. There is also an old-fashioned table that accommodates the next family and friends, with a vine with a wooden chair, imagined a vast pastoral life scenario.

▲ Lantern shaped chandelier, naked geometric vase, quietly delayed the masters of the owner in their own position.


▲ In the kitchen that is integrated into the overall open space, add the mosaic flower brick, light blue cabinet, and gold hardware, which is more elegant. There is also a white frame glass door that looks more transparent.

▲ Of course, I want more senior sense, I don’t have the figure of the Smeg refrigerator called the retro style. With golden handles, the platinum is more bright.

▲ The chandelier at home is very good. For example, the acrylic tablet + metal chandelier in the kitchen, during the daylight, and the light is interlaced when turning on the light at night. There is also a high identification

▲ Many people have a fireplace dream, curled up on the couch, wrapped in a comfortable blanket, holding a good book in his hand, burning the flames of the bears around, warm and comfortable. In this white space of realizing dreams, the jine chandelier, the joining of natural elements such as wooden furniture, as if the space is covered with a quiet and warm filter.




Bedroom: Let the natural elements are integrated into life

▲ Mint green wall, fresh colors and simple decorative lines, look good again and comfortable. The black dressing table is equipped with classical three-glasses, and the good taste makes every day more sweet.


▲ There are many highlights in the seemingly simple bedroom. Bohemian hanging ornaments, metal chandeliers, bare red brick walls, orbital the same wooden floor, there is also the fine and refreshing color of the heart, showing a fresh and simple original beauty.


Bathroom: Enhance space quality with gold

▲ Simple refreshing north European style with gentle rural style. White breat bricks with decorative lines, beautiful and practical mosaic tiles, with gold hardware, wooden bench, cane elements, warm and clean. The combination of chandeliers, wall lights, and spotlights also makes the bathroom more bright.


▲ Shuanglian bathroom cabinet, satisfying the busy morning full family needs, light gray to add the feet of nostalgic wind, and vine-like groups combine the rural wind in the bathroom.


▲ The glass partition is the best material for the dry and wet partition, does not affect the lighting and the separation effect. Black and white mosaic floor tiles are not only a gap between blocks and blocks, but it is more superior to prevent slipping. From visual, it is also retro and simple, and the value is quite high.

▲ The golden wall is sprinkled, and the luxurious feelings in the black white tuning space. There is also a long strip, the water is faster, bathing in the rhythm of the sound of the water and the fast-moving water rhythm, worship everything.


Watching a lot of people’s home, spend a dozens of W decoration costs, but always feel less advanced? In fact, it is often lacking that a good lamp is very designed. So when decoration houses, pay attention to the choice of lamps, it will bring better results.

If you also like this one of each lamp, you have a very personality, just like the collection and share support Xiao Xi.

Vine + log color + white, the atmosphere is in