Every time I go home, I will still be more expensive than the guest, and a person is a child that is always long.

The northern wind, blowing another cold winter. Lying in the soft bed of the unit, comfortable and warm, holding a soft down quilt, holding a child, listening to the wind of the call, looking at the snow outside the window, I can’t help but think about my mother In this cold winter, in this cold winter, the feeling of “炕”, and and the nest is really warm, the kind of warmth with the dirt flavor will always become I remember the brightest color in the depths …

I called my mother on the weekend, I learned that my mother was not very good recently. Dizziness also took a headache, and the sleep is not good. Saturday I went home to visit my parents, I entered the door, I couldn’t see many of my business, and the TV became my only lock target. The ass seeming to stick to the chair, and the eyes stared at the TV screen. I heard the hospital. Dad is coming back and forth, the ejection of the mother’s box in the kitchen. When I immersed in the lively show, the hot sprayed eggs were in the old wooden dish, my mother knew that I was a face, I like to eat, I have to have a soup every time, and I have ate a meeting with my father, my mother talented from the kitchen, and I still have to eat and go to my bowl, “I will come here”, now I am a father of my father. Add a little unreliable.

Mom is busy in the kitchen, the sky is gradually dark, and the far-nearly close mountain is so embarrassing in the deep fog in the deep winter. From time to time, I am blurred my sight, my mother came from the gate, and the left hand made a big Cage, the right hand also holds more burnt firewood than the past, that is Dad in the big wind day. Mom puts up the curtain, and the left leg is tough on the firewood pile of the head, and the longer cutting wood is broken in the knee of the decay, and one will fill in the belly, then a few Match lit, mother filling the fuel in the cave and crushed grass, knocked “咚咚” directly, the smoked smoked mother two eyes, tears, drums the dust Drilling into the nostrils, caught her straight cough, and the hair clothes also fell a layer of broken grass slag and dusty, and the mother’s gray face, but he never heard her complained. Dad took out the quilt and pillows that had been used for a long time from the cabinet. With a cassing, the air of the house was filled with the ambiguity of the mud, I deeply breathed this school. The taste, stretching the limbs, relaxing, and touching. I seem to have been hot, that hot is warm and warm from the whole body. In the hot swear of Shu soft, lying on the thick scorpion, a wire of warmth gradually passed through the tweezers, and attacked my whole body, and suddenly felt comfortable. Sleeping on your own enthusiasm, let me think about thousands. This feeling suddenly fails, and I am fascinated, I gradually entered the dream of the age …


In the childhood memory, in the long winter, this hot head is a very sacred place. My hometown has left a lot of memories in the countryside, and my childhood homes left me, but I was the most impressed or that is the soil. I was a child’s soil, and I used a mud, and now people use a red brick. The soil of the soil is called the head of the outer housing stove, and the other is a slightly smoking. Cooking is also burning, two in one fell swoop. Put the mat and put the quilt in the tip. This simple soil, it is the cradle of my growth. When I was a child, I was hitting, and the sister brothers played a hot head. In order to make a quilt, hit, cry, laugh, noisy, but But there is no trace of hatred, which is so innocent, which is such a happy music. I have done a lot of dreams in my dreams, some dreams have become reality today, and some dreams will never be achieved in this life.

At that time, the family was poor in the 1970s, and the thick layer of wheat grass was paved on, and then the mat was matched, and the seven people pulled a bed quilt. In the winter, I will heat the heat first, and the family is hot and hot. Hot pictures like the hot man, the brilliant pain, turn over the body and brand, in this cold, sleep, sleep, feel warm. After sleeping until the second night, the calories were exuded, slowly cooled, and a family began a struggle in a dream, covering the quilt, I pulled it, I pulled it, I can’t open. I often sleep in my sleep, I am awakened by a sound, and my mother is afraid that we are frozen, and it is cold outside the half. It’s really “cloth, for many years, cold, fragrant, bad, and fake.”

At that time, the rural and cold in winter. In the water cylinder in the house, I have a thick ice in the winter. I have a meal in the morning, first to open the ice to pick out the water. On the window of the house, there is a layer of paper, the old-fashioned house, and the fire is exhausted everywhere. The firewood of the production team is very careful, and it is enough to do two meals a day. The bedding used in the family has not changed new cotton many years, and it is black-black ‘set. Perhaps the child of the poor is earlier. When I remember it, I began to help my mother add fire, heat the head, or the production team’s earnings, all the burning is used according to the work or according to the population Production team is divided. Because there is only a labor force in the family, so the price of Chaihe, which is divided, so from a few years old, for the warmth of the hot, and the mother went to the road with many people in the village. millet. Remember how many times, I woke up from sleep in night, I don’t see my mother’s figure, through the night, how can she have time to live with this hot, she has to try to add a seven people’s life. Often, my mother’s cold hands are hot, and it is busy in a hurry. How many winter night mothers are sitting in a dim oil, give us a sister’s cotton shoe, or sewing cotton, I often explore the head from the hot quarter, ask my mother, why don’t you sleep? Mom said while saying, you sleep well, and will take the school tomorrow.

After the winter, Houjia Township is still very cold. After school every day, I will give me a green bag that sews me, covering the reddish face, wearing a black cotton nest on the foot, and the foot followed outside, often Kissing the cold road, step on the thick snow, and throw the book bag across the house, the first thing is to take off the shoes, put the toes has frozen the feet of the feet, reach into the squad Beings. He is lying back, close your eyes, and enjoy the warmth of the whole body from the little feet. How many days are on this head, I still listen to my mother to spend a variety of strange things. I also lying in the bed in the nest in numerous times, looked at the hard parents, how to spend the embarrassed life in total; countless times when I wake up in the middle of the night, watching my mother a few of the brothers He is in the corner, and the clothes go back to us …

Later, I slowly grew up, I have reached the junior high school until university, I have a school. Starting from junior high school, there is more days to sleep in the school sleeping on the bed. In winter, in the evening, self-study, the big bungalow dormitory, like a ice, the bed is cold, we start to fight each other or crowded, the night repair light, look at the top of the dark, it is more missing The mother of my mother burned. And the hot head in the heart-keeping my mind, I also have no time with me, lying on the straight bed of the school, often makes me miss the night. I can’t sleep. Every time I go to the weekend or May 1st, I have the opportunity to live in a few days at home, re-experience the warmth of the hot head. The mood of the jump is unable to express it, excited, excited, even all night, the warmth of the hot, I will come back, I will reunite with my family, it is a kind of happiness, this is very hot, especially people I feel kind. Mom is afraid of cold, we stay uncomfortable, always burn hot, no matter how rushing, how to exhaustion, or sick and disaster, return home, sleep in this hot head, the satisfaction That kind of release, only personally experienced talents truly know that it is a taste – in fact, where I want to read the hot head, I miss my mother who loves my mother. The face that has been covered with winds, the crack is no longer smooth, soft palm. Hard work for a lifetime, steamed nearly 20 old moms, are you okay in your hometown! Hot head, in my heart from the child who came out of poor rural areas, is a gratified, a warm, a symptom.


Remember five years ago, the winter came in the winter, and it was especially cold. There was no heating, and the house was born early, the room was warm and the feet were still cold. Mother knew that my body was afraid of frozen, in order to give me a thick cotton jacket, I wanted to heat the heat, sitting on the squat, giving me cotton jacket, put a cage outside the gate, at the time I got down, because I was very big, I was slid on the ground, and the right wrist was too red and painful. When I went to the hospital, I found the wrist fracture, my mother didn’t let me know about the news. I feel deep guilty and regret, a few months of pain have been torture my mother, I am far away from home, because there is too much in the unit, there is no more time to stay in my mother, I have been in my father. She has no minimal care, my brother has often changed her mother, hanging the needle, is my mother’s wrist fracture, and my heart is full of regrets. In the second winter, my mother’s wrist is good. In order to achieve her wish, finally sew it into a thick and warm cotton jacket, silk fabric, new cotton, meticulous workmanship, size, wearing it Warm in the heart. Wear in units, which attracts many people’s handshake. Although I only wear a winter, all the chills no longer have, only more warmth and comfortable. In these two years, I bought the Bosideng down jacket, the cotton jacket that is still new and warm, pouring the heart and care of my mother, quietly hiding in the corner of our wardrobe, silentlessness …

A burst of rooster in the distance, wakes me from the dream, the sky is already bright, the winter morning is frozen is cold, my mother gets up early, heard the footsteps, my mother is awkward, I am afraid of me. Frozen. Mother burning is uniform, and I will go to Tianming, sometimes I will turn it over, I will turn over there, and the morning in winter is the most attractive me, lying on it, holding it, holding hands The remote control of the TV is constantly switching with the lens of different stories in front of the channel. At 8 o’clock, my mother has menu, and I still have my favorite ginger soup, my mother puts the Qing Dynasty in my bowl, leaving some fragrant paste, my mother knows that I am in the unit. Everyone has a bowl of vegetables to eat, and divide the dishes into two copies. I saw a lot of dishes in my father, the pork is much less than my bowl, and the fried yellow egg is also clamped. My bowl, in fact, I also eat more, my mother is concerned about my eyes, “You see you thin, you have to eat well, is it coming well? Does the baby?”, I laugh. I answered my mother a series of questions.


Every time I go home, whenever, because of our home, I will keep burning, fried, steamed, fried, and the hot stove is baked. I like to sit on the side, watching my mother, doing a variety of delicious, enjoying the sweetness of my mother. Where did she know that I have grown up how much happiness is time. I will love the silly child of my mother, I will never grow up, and I am around her. Every winter holiday, I have eaten dinner early, we all squeezed on the head, surrounded the quilt, watch my mother’s flowers, do a pillow, my mother is less literacy, but the sock pad painted by the left hand, the various pillows The pattern, I am far less than, often painted the wiring sample for women in the village. Mom still sometimes tell us the old story that has been heard, and the soil of the mother is carefully self-satisfied, and it is clean and hot in the past four seasons. The kiln is the main place for our whole family activities, and the soil is a family event center. Especially after entering the winter every year, the time at home seems to spend most of the mother’s hot head. Whenever I think of a child, I am sitting on my mother’s hot head to eat, warm, pull home, and greet the scene, my heart is full of infinite attachment and warmth. Mom’s hot head, like the current sofa, every time you have a guest, no matter how you are far away, my mother is always busy, please drink tea, warm foot, gossip … After the aftertaste, sometimes I am thinking, if Can you return to that era? Unfortunately, when you can’t turn it, we will never be like a childhood. But the one is hot, I will give us too much warmth.

Today, work, marriage. I also have my own children, I don’t have a hot head to give him, but I have passed on my mother’s selfless love, deep feelings, I use my own way to express my love for children. Of course, I will not forget to tell him the story of me when I am young. Let the hot love, the rich love generation is passed down. In the countryside “three acres of land, a cow, the wife is hot.” This is a free fairy day, which is pure, without any impurities. People who work for a day, lying on the heat, the fatigue of the whole body is in a smooth buzz, the smoke is disappeared. Mom said, I will sleep your electric squat, in the middle of the night, half a bed in the bed, curled up in the bed, I don’t dare to stretch, but I can “put the lot”, more comfortable than “Simmons”. Cold, don’t need to take medicine, drink a bowl of ginger soup, one drilled into the hot and rushed, and strictly slammed it, and the cold is free.

After work, we have grown up. The condition is slow, there is a cushion, thick quilt, and a place to enjoy two old people. Children are far from each other.炕, has become the basis for children’s thoughts, the initial source of life. Every time I go home, I always leave me the hot head to me, saying that I will sleep from Xiaoyi ‘, and I have been sleeping in bed in these years, there is no hot, and I will hurt my waist. Going back, I slept with my aged parents on a squat, they slept, I slept.

Mom’s hot head

Today, hot heads are far from our living space, but here, there is a hot head, maybe we are strange, but we sincerely, for the enthusiasm, maybe we usually, but we have a hot heart, I feel In the hot head of this soul, the truth is warm. Now, we all have electricity, although we can’t revisit the enthusiasm of that, but your heart is full of love. It carries too much feelings of the parents and old folks. I can’t finish it, and I’m not exhausted. If in winter, especially in the New Year, the hot air from the teapot is opened in the house, and the mud is mixed with the mud, even the air is also sweet, the family is full of warm and peaceful atmosphere. Gathering many relatives and friends, squatting in hot, discretion, talking about our friendship, talking about life and happy things, what kind of feeling is it.

The engrave of the years has made my mother’s forehead with more hard life traces, leaving a long walk. Mother has been rare, after Xin Xing, after the hard work, the child is fortunate, but now two people are at home, sick, since I go to college, my father and mother have been at home, now for more than ten years. And we have already worked for money. Mom is still very frugal, no matter how we persuade, she is still reluctant to spend money. Because of the custom of hometown, and mother is used to farming, and I don’t want to come out with us, and we are rarely going home because of learning and work. More and more ignore my mother, I will call a call for a week when I remember, I forgot to play a phone call, and more calls, I can’t take care of her around my mother, I can’t replaced my mother’s filial piety. Mom has been very hard, I hope we have a good time, but we are doing children, now life is a little, but can’t take care of her around her mother … Thinking of this, I can’t help but tears, my heart is sad …

Today’s hometown has happened a lot, the better, the better, the village is less, the young people use the wooden bed, Simmons, and life conditions are not poor than the city. In the winter, the new heating stove, the electric blanket replaced the hot head. However, the elders of the last young people still retain the soil, and they are not allowed to dismantle with many elders. They are also used to sitting on the table to do living, eat, treat guests. Every time I go back to my hometown, the most happy is that the disk is sitting on the hot, with the mother, talking, watching the relatives of the family entering and out, enjoying the strong affection and 炕炕Unique warmth. I miss my mother’s hot head, and the hot head is condensed with warm affection, and people experience the warmth and care of the family. People who can sleep in a lifetime, that is the blessing of a lot of people!


Forever, warm is the mother’s hot head, where I carry me too much memories …