The mask is an important consumables in the prevention and control period.

On December 15, the Hong Kong Consumer Council announced the comparative test results of 30 surgical masks. It is worth paying attention to the mainland China production of the Kangguo Filter dust-proof mask contains the amount of bacteria.

After receiving the referral report, the Hong Kong Customs received the safety testing and considered that the mask was suspected of violating the Consumer Product Safety Ordinance. At the same time, Customs appeal to local citizens immediately stop the mask.

Screenshot Source: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Press


Is it really a problem with the mask? Can consumers can buy with confidence?

The model 9600 is still selling Tmall


“Consumer Report” first combed information on the maintenance of the above-mentioned test.

This mask is 10, priced at HK $ 90. The specific name is “Powecom National Standard Filter Dust Mask Self-absorbing Filter Anti-Partition Respirator”, the product model is 9600. It is nominally in the package that meets the national standard GB 2626-2006 KN90.

According to the description of the 6:30 Hong Kong Wireless TV Station, the mask contains the bacteria, the total number of bacteria is> 159.4, which exceeds the European Union and the Chinese standards labeled.

Consumers need to pay attention,


The mask wearing a bacteria that can cause face discomfort, and the health of the immunity is potentially risky.


This article enters the Tmall platform “Powecom Baoli”, noticed that the model product is still sold normally, 10 packs 9.9 yuan, 30 packs 21 yuan, 50 only 35 yuan, 100 packs 67 yuan. “

Screenshot Source: Tmall

This issue tried to consult the store customer service on the “exceeding the standard”, and the reply obtained is:

The 9600 mask belongs to the dust mask, not a medical surgical (sterile) mask.

Hong Kong has a wrong standard for testing, and the mask quality is fully compliant with the national standard GB 2626-2006.

The customer service also provides a statement to this issue. In addition to the set of error standards, the statement indicates that the mask seized by the Hong Kong customs is not in the box bulk product, and the storage environment is bad.


In accordance with the mask type description of the National Health and NETRACE PRODUCTION and the Protection of Novel Coronary Virus Infection Prospects, this journal has read the relevant standards, which is approximately as follows:

In summary, this magazine does not see the words “medical surgery” “aseptic” in the 9600 mask packaging and related promotional pages. The standard name of GB 2626 is “respiratory protective article self-suction filter anti-particulate respirators”, and the standard does not mention the requirements of “total number of bacteria”.

However, at the official website of Guangzhou Baozhuobao Co., Ltd., we pay attention to the introduction of the 9600 mask: “Automatic ultrasonic production process, enclosed in a sterile dust-free workshop, every mask is clean. Our mask No sewing, reducing the traditional sewing process of human hand pollution. “

Screenshot of Guangzhou Baoli Kang Labor Support Co., Ltd.


GB 2626-2006 has been invalid?

In addition to the “bacterial exceeding standard”, this magazine discloses in accordance with the disclosure information, the implementation of the mask is found in the “invalid” state. The current standard is GB 2626-2019, and the implementation date is July 1, 2020.


According to the customer service reply, the old standards and new standards are in the transition period (one year), the old criteria are still valid, and the formal implementation date of the new standard is July 1, 2021.


Finally, we will remind consumers to avoid buying and using a bulk mask, if you find that the surgical mask is stainless or odor, you should stop using it.

Considering that “mouth masks” is still universal consumer behavior, “consumers report” will continue to pay attention to the latest developments. Quality issues related to protective products such as masks, consumers can also pay attention to the sampling information of “consumers report”.