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Qiu Yan 28 years old, as a sales cosmetics company in Shanghai.

In his hometown in Guizhou, a girl the same age had married, baby. This year, she finally decided to put this thing blind children, put on the “agenda.”

Not long ago, home arranged for her blind date with one meal together. The other “985” graduated from prestigious universities, height 177 cm, worked in state-owned enterprises.

For this meal, she was up and down a sum of “special” orders Taobao: a “Bottom artifact.”


This is a look very ordinary underwear.

But touched, you can find the doorway. Wrapped over the buttocks, the thickest a full two centimeters, which is memory foam plug.

In recent years, the girls quietly under a single online purchase Bottom pants. From Beauty, Breast to junk, even if the Internet age, there are filters blessing, but the women in the pursuit of “beauty”, still diligently.

Popular “false ass”

“Is Bottom pants!” Zhang Qingqi BUZZ Want ringing off the hook, he knew, certainly is to buy Bottom pants. “It’s two months, a month to sell more than 7,000 pieces.”


“Boss, to wear fake ass like it?” Want dialog box, the other direct tone, without the slightest subtle and tweaking.

This is a problem most of the girls concerned, they want to create Bottom, but limited by the high cost of plastic surgery, and pain of surgery. If the figure to spend hundreds of dollars, a temporary Bottom mat, special occasions can solve the troubles, quite a bargain for them.

“Listen to girls said, wearing this very Alice allows bum look, more confident.” Zhang Qingqi only in testing products when touched Bottom pants store. He could not identify with, why do so many women is a crazy Bottom pants.

Zhang Qingqi think of 2016 when just on the Bottom pants, the girls had never been seen not simply to consult, mostly direct orders. “Across the screen you can feel their shy, comments are automatically received the district, not a word.”

Considerable changes in the past few years, everybody before you buy, to size, color, functional Bottom of pants have to ask very clear. “There are a lot of old customers, they buy several times a year, each time to bring it back to 2-3 pieces.”

Sometimes, Zhang Qingqi turned over the store to the comments section, there are full of buyers show, one by one down the middle photo, the buyers put on Bottom pants, show with his big legs and “Bottom.”

Many buyers even with Zhang Qingqi feedback on Want, “non-standard size” “Can a little more breathable,” “do abdomen function underwear Bottom plus do” ……

He attributed all this “women’s pursuit of the best bottom is more calm.”

Have a Kim Kardashian’s buttocks

Zhang Qingqi is Jinhua, 2013, Zhang Qingqi Yiwu see many of my friends have started a shop Lynx Taobao shop, he also moved thoughts. After a friend to make money, Zhang Qingqi sit still, he quit his job Jinhua, Yiwu county to examine the products.

“A lot of people only know the Yiwu small commodity market developed, but I do not know, there are a lot of knitting factory in Yiwu, almost every household has its own knitting workshop. Some specialize in hats, stockings, underwear, underwear and other products.” Chinese girls familiar brand of stockings Lang Sha is from Yiwu.

Zhang Qingqi began to pick up some underwear products in Yiwu market. But a beginning, because “the incoming late,” dry, but the big brands, can only start from the tuck pants, body sculpting leotard and other functional underwear.

In Yiwu office, Zhang Qingqi often called several employees of the design department meeting. Theme is “Girls in the end what you want?”

To explore the applicability to the conclusion that always two: First, big chest, the second is Bottom.

2016, Zhang Qingqi started looking for factory OEM Bottom pants. He also did a survey, at that time, Taobao sell Bottom pants, and there is a business in sales, but 10. “But there are a lot of purchasing stores, hanging Bottom pants imported from abroad, no sales.”

Beginning last year, Bottom pants store sales began to rise from the beginning of the month dozens of single, single rose to thousands. After Zhang Qingqi research, only to find “The market began to mature.”

Affected, such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez such a public figure full of European and American stars, the domestic fashion young girls gradually began to Bottom for the United States.

The first launch of a Bottom pants by the Italian fashion brand, after the introduction of China, its role quietly changed.

“European and American big-boned girls, their hips Alice already, but they are not enough Alice.” Sometimes, after the effect of wearing hip pants, use hyperbole to describe. “Alice is particularly special, they walked, the more flying.”

The petite Chinese girls, to buy back the people, or to make up for most of their own shortcomings. “Customers purchase, many are indeed ‘short board’ of the body.”

The vibrato, there have been comparable to this video recommendation underwear shaping of the little red book, I began to share their experiences wear underwear Bottom. “Since the rise of the media, so that the original people who do not know the Bottom, but also with the concept. If they want to buy, the first thought is to go to Taobao.”

Emerging market blind date

Bottom pants to buy the most, or Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou first-tier cities such people. “Big city people, the idea of ​​more avant-garde.”


But what is the big cities who, Zhang Qingqi was not sure. Net red, people want to get married, dress lovers, mothers, seem to have, “in short, it is the lack of confidence in his own body of people.”


Zhang Qingqi occasionally watch live, brush the body particularly good, he will review a few words: “This man seems so thin, it also hip Alice, did not play abundant buttocks needle, eight also wore pants Bottom right.”

There are always buyers will be asked in detail about Zhang Qingqi customer service, “This Bottom pants to wear in front of the lens will not look very fake?” “Will not deform when dancing?”

“This kind of buyer, certainly live network red.”

Among the many buyers, there is a group in Zhang Qingqi unexpected, that is, “blind person.”

Qiu Yan (a pseudonym) Zhang Qingqi is the most loyal buyers.

Earlier this year, Qiu Yangang least 28, Shanghai is a cosmetics company’s sales, three years ago, did not know what “Bottom pants” Yes.

Trustee parents home in Shanghai to help her find a blind date. “In the home in Guizhou, 28 years old, not married, the woman is left.”

Qiu also like rock single off, but she is quite satisfied with their body, “can only be described as flat can scare himself in the mirror, as the primary body.”

Blind date before, like in the past Qiu rock plastic surgery hospital abundant buttocks. “Too expensive, and painlessly.” After Zhang Qingqi store buyers show looked, as if she discovered the New World. “Do not be able hips, no more than it cost-effective trading Dong Daozi.”

The first blind date, Qiu Yan is successful, afraid to look out the other side, she Waichuan the pieces in tight jeans pants Bottom. “No matter how said first face gives the impression is not flat, and indeed some confidence.”

Zhang Qingqi not done specific statistics, but “feel, almost every day there are blind people to buy Bottom pants.” Moreover, this proportion is growing year by year.

After overnight fullness, they have become “loyal powder”

Today, Qiu Yan at least have in the store to buy a six Bottom pants.

Zhang Qingqi joked Bottom pants buyers is the most wonderful thing, “loyal” customers. “After all, no one wants their hips plump up after he changed back overnight.”

Now, Zhang Qingqi customers to the store to buy Bottom pants, 35% of the guests will come back. “There is a red net bought my shop all the Bottom pants style, to spend several hundred dollars a year.”

The number of women with bra cup, like hip pants also come in different sizes. “Currently, the store is out of the most basic is the S, M, L, but we have to consider doing more segments of the market.”

In order to make the site more comfortable wrap buttocks, he also intends to launch a silicone Bottom pants. “The underwear sponge into silicone, softer cold.”

There are buyers recommendation Zhang Qingqi launched the “Leopard section,” “Floral money,” “waist abdomen money” Bottom pants, Zhang Qingqi these views have been adopted.

Bottom pants Zhang Qingqi store has become the best-selling a product. “A Bottom pants, with annual sales accounted for 25% of the entire store.

Zhang Qingqi business staff in the background to see, Bottom pants single product rankings, his Lynx shop has been rushed to the second place, the cumulative sold more than 50,000 pieces.

These two days, Zhang Qingqi a compilation of all comments on several new consumer specific hip pants, and then he wanted to punch in on a Lynx 618 activities. “Maybe breaking million on sales can do.”

(Original title “Bottom pants sold on Taobao male sellers, to help 50,000 women achieve” Fengtun “Dream.” Editor Liang Liang)