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The violent shakes wakes up the fields, she uses “very fear”, “very helpless”, “very panic” to describe the earthquake, shouting, she is tightly taken under the body.

At 4:33 on September 16, a 6.0 earthquake occurred in Jixian County, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, and Zhangzhou City has launched a first-level emergency response. Zeng Ping, the Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Luzhou City, said that the counties of all districts and counties in Zhangzhou City have a shock, and there are people from Jiaming Town, Fuqu Town, Yuaku Street, etc. around the earthquake. As of 12:00 on September 17, “9 · 16”, the 6.0-level earthquake disaster caused three deaths; 146 people were injured (including 3 people seriously injured, 1 person was treated into a slight injury, and the other 2 serious injuries smooth). Emergency transfer of 76,548 people, emergency transfer, 14,400 people. The disaster situation such as damage and other housing is further verifying.

At the Sichuan Earthquake Administration, the experts have considered comprehensive analysis of regional structural characteristics, historical seismic activity levels, and sequence characteristics, etc., the region is not large, but the aftershock will continue for a while. You should pay attention to the prevention of subsequent shocks.

A rescue is also an emergency surrounding this county.

Old house in the grass dam

In the morning of September 16, Li Xiu (a pseudonym) woke up than usual, when she saw a table, she read more than four o’clock, she thought that she woke up, it is better to clean up early.

The preparedness for cooking has not yet started, and I feel the dramatic shaking from the ground. Li Xiu’s first reaction is the earthquake. She shouted her grandchildren in swaying. The granddaughter was sleeping at the time. She was not far from the grandson at the time. I wanted to run over the same body to protect the grandson, but shake dramatic, Li Xiu only It can make the grandchildren run out, the door is dropped, and they turn around to run in the side of the small door, and the grandchildren cried all the way. Until I ran to the open road downstairs, swaying she also felt some safety.

Li Xiu (pseudonym) is 60 years old, and the children are working in the city. She takes care of her grandchildren alone in Fuji Town. Fuji Town is also the most serious township in the earthquake.

According to the Chinese earthquake network speed report, the 3-level earthquake occurred in the 3rd or more earthquakes in the past five years, the largest earthquake is a 6.0-magnitude earthquake in Ji County, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, 2021 (distance from this 0 km of subtranshia) and 6.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Changning County, Yibin City, 2019 (105 km from this epicenter).

Li Xiu’s house is a self-caught, and the age is a bit long. She can’t remember accurate time, on September 16th, she point to her house, the reporter looked in, is a small second floor, the wall has The big cracks, the roof is also shifted, and the house has fallen from seven zero bricks. The building has not been approached, and the warning line is pulled around.

Li Xiu’s neighbors have a more dangerous. Li Xiu’s neighbors are a 86-year-old grandmother, and the legs are not so convenient. The children are not around. After Li Xiu ran downstairs, several neighbors gathered in the air, found that the 86-year-old alone did not go downstairs, they returned to the dangerous building to call her name, the old man did not hurt, but her home The door is deformation, and several people move the bricks and tiles at the door, but still can’t open the door.

According to Li Xiu, it is about 5 o’clock in the morning, there is a fire armed police to enter Fuqui Town. They help open the door to save the old man, and the elderly currently stay in the hospital.

After living in the county town of Jixian County, I recalled the situation at the time. After the sleep in the sleep, the first anti-application was a granddaughter who was sleeping next to it, waiting for the swaying stop in the fear of panic, and Tian Zhengqun The daughter almost was smashed by the box dropped on the cabinet. Another resident of a county in the county said that at around 4:30 in the morning, he was sleeping at home. He suddenly felt dramatic shake, he immediately climbed up and wanted to run outside, but it has not yet ran out of the corridor, and the shake has stopped. When I returned home, I found a crack in the room. The Kangqiao Jinhua City did not have a house collapsed. The current life is normal. On September 16th will return home to live, and ask the reporter’s cracking wall of the reporter. subsidy.

Compared with the county housing, the old housing of the grass dam in Fuji Town has a larger proportion. After the earthquake, many tile houses in these years have not seen the original situation, and the light people have a significant crack, heavy It is already a ruin, leaving only a bunch of bricks in the scene.

Local rescuers said that casualties were mainly caused by non-structural collapses of rural self-building houses, and the new houses and county in the county are not large.

emergency rescue

On September 16th, there was a heavy rain in Jixian. The Dam Village of Fuji Town said that the current most needed is the tent, and the local villagers who have spontaneously come to the grass dam village party service center have more and more, mostly Elderly, eager to have a safe and stable refuge site and food, water source and other disaster relief materials.

A armed police fire force has been deeply sinking from Luzhou City. After the Sixi continued to sink, some people in Fuji Town have went to the grass dam village, according to a rescuers, the morning grass dam village heavy rain plus earthquake, muddy Dranky, you have to search forward and save it in the morning, have been transferred in the morning.

According to Zhangzhou released official microblog news, according to the strength deployment, Luzhou detachment earthquake relief power launched a rescue in Fuji Town, Jixian County, and the rescue power of Ji County Brigade in Jiaming Town, the earthquake rescue power of Neijiang Bridge in Yunding Town, Jiangli, Jiangsu, China Carry out rescue. Zigong, Yibin detachment earthquake rescue power has arrived in Zhangzhou, Chengdu, Mianyang, Leshan, and Meishan Brush Earthquake rescue power is rushing to expand the search and rescue. As of 7:00 on September 16, fire rescue power has rescued 24 trapped people and evacuated 123 people.

The above rescue personnel introduced that people in the earthquake were sent to the People’s Hospital, the seriously injured person sent it to the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University in Zhangzhou.


On the morning of September 16, the reporter saw a person in the door of the Town People’s Hospital, and the wounded only had a person who accused of entrance, the people gathered in the hall, and the medical staff is fully rescue the casualties.

Near the afternoon, Tianzheng Qun took the granddaughter into the resettlement tent of Jixian East Primary School. The spirit of Tianzheng Group was very good. Her family and neighbors were not hurt, but they did not dare to stay in the house, and heard the rescue on the road. The county east elementary school has a resettlement tent, so she has come to this.

The reporter saw in the playground of Jixian East School. The site is building a rescue tent. There is a rescue personnel in the entrance to the county street personnel are registering the situation of the affected population. On the spot, China Aneng’s disaster relief personnel introduced to reporters that have completed 7 tents, prepared At 20 security beds, the first batch of affected people has 8 people in. The person said that the reporter said that another team of horses have been going to Chengbei Primary School to build a tent.

The staff in China Mobile is issue mobile charging treasure. The staff introduced that in addition to providing charging treasure, if a network failure is found, it will contact the network office to repair.

As of 10 o’clock in the morning, China Mobile Sichuan Company has dispatched 66 suspended vehicles. The emergency communication satellite car 2 times, the person 287 people, carrying the oil machine, 6 satellite phones, the local partially damaged communication equipment has been first Time arrangement repair.

At 6 pm, the rescue personnel of Longgangqiao Center, Dangdian, Fuji Town, Lu County, have been issued in the box, with a large iron barrel, and the staff uses disposable bowl to the scene to refuge staff, the site is good, there is no The case where the interception is robbed.

At the entrance of Longgangqiao Center Primary School, Fuji Town, several volunteer primary school students issued masks at the door, guiding the school to refuge people to sweep the Tianfu health code places to register and then enter the school, Xiaomei (pseudonym) tells reporters, her home is near, house There is no way, after the earthquake, she took a rest on the firefighters in the car, and the family was transferred to the tent in the campus.

Zeng Ping introduced that the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the earthquake, and the Provincial Party Secretary Peng Qinghua made an instructions in the first time, requiring immediate disposal of the working group to go to Yixian to guide the earthquake relief work. Zhangzhou City quickly responded, immediately started the emergency response of earthquake relief, established the Earthquake Disaster Relief Headquarters, and quickly launched the work of earthquake relief.

The Municipal Emergency Committee stimulates fire rescue teams, comprehensive emergency rescue teams, medical aid, electricity, communications, transportation, 113 gear teams, 135 gerole, armed police, militia, red cross mountain rescue and other rescue and rescue efforts, etc. 89 patrol boats, 89 excavators and other rescue equipment fully carry out rescue in the disaster area (the provincial emergency command center has been adjusted to Chengdu, Yibin, Zigong, Neijiang and other fire rescue power to about 160 people rushed to Jixian rescue). All patients with serious injuries have been allocated to the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, “one person and one case” multidisciplinary consultation, full treatment. Slirt injury patients concentrated on the Town People’s Hospital, and do a good job in the prevention and control of medical institutions. Water quality and pathogenic monitoring after environmental damage.

Now quickly carry out the transfer and resettlement, the key places such as the easy poverty alleviation and relocation point, school hospital, tourist scenic spots, mineral enterprises, etc. The principle that must be turned, and should be transferred, organize the masses to carry out risk shifts. At present, 6,904 emergency transfer are resettled, and 73,929 emergency moves, 89 points. All schools in Jixian have suspended classes, and students have been transferred to the refuge site, and they have a safety hazard of the school to ensure that the safety is gradually recovered. Starting natural disasters, I rescue emergency response, the city and county has been modified by 600 beds, 700 folding beds, 500 tents, 1000 disaster relief materials, and 1000 disaster relief materials and living materials. The Provincial Emergency Hall has arranged emergency relief supplies and is actually delivered.

Leaked winery

Unlike other earthquake cities, there are many winery in Cangzhou.

From the official website of Luzhou City, the official website news shows that as of 10:30 on September 16, 36 earthquake affected enterprises in Liqu County liquor enterprises, the collapse area of ​​the house is about 35,000 square meters, 15 damaged workshops, tiles fall off, Cracks, etc., the pottery cans lose 86, and there is no casualties. An elongated wall crack in Long Mattan District has no other impact.

Chenzhou Chennie Wine Co., Ltd. was leaking because of the influence of the earthquake. The winery storage warehouse has a total of more than 170 porcelain tanks, more than 200 tons of high concentrations of liquor leakage.

Due to high concentrations of liquor leakage, the air of the factory is filled with strong alcoholic smell. High concentrations of liquor are dangerous goods of Aflining, and they will happen to fire.

The winery has three layers, with 300 cans of white wine, damaged 70 cans; 600 cans of the second layer, damaged 80 cans; the third layer has 100 cans, damaged 20 cans. But the dilution water will affect the building load. Sichuan fire-fighting 45 55 fire refers to the war at the on-site disposal, continuous dilution of leaks. First, the layer of the second layer is low, it is not easy to discharge after water injection, and the firefighters will use the transfer pump to puminate the above two layers.

Li Hui, director of the Emergency Administration of Luzhou, said, “After receiving this situation, our urgently dispatched the expert and the fire rescue team of the fire rescue team, analyzed the research and judgment, and took a water dilution method, reducing the concentration of liquor, thereby preventing the risk of burning, Then use explosion-proof pumping mercury to discharge the diluted liquor and water. After the risk is discharged, the uncomfortable liquor pottery is transferred to ensure rescue safety. “

Li Huai said that, in Cangzhou, Zhangzhou has been investigated in the city’s winery, especially the Yixian winery. From the check-in, other winery did not affected by the earthquake, not leakage, etc. At the same time, Zhangzhou issued a notice, and disposes in a comprehensive investigation of high-risk enterprises such as wineries, dangerous chemicals, and preventing leakage after shock.

In the Luzhou’s winery, the reporter said that the production and operation activities of Lang wine shares include the production and operation activities in the autumn, normal or order.

Luzhou Laojiao said that the reporter said that the company immediately launched an emergency plan, carrying out a comprehensive investigation, national key cultural relics Guibao Pool, pure Yangdong, drunkard, Longquan Cave and Tao Tak, the company’s production base facilities, The office building did not find damage, the company’s production and operation is normal.

On September 17, according to the official micro-news of the Sichuan Ecological Environment, Zhangzhou leaks have been collected.


The rescue is in order, after less than 36 hours in the earthquake, the atmosphere of this township is beginning to gradually recover.

The supermarket has already opened the door, the price has not risen, although the supermarket has a piece of time to fall, the boss takes the goods under that area, prompting people entering the supermarket to be careful about the ceiling. The people in the tent are relatively stable, even from time to time, there are people in the playground in the East Elementary School in the playground.

In the morning on September 17, in Liangcai School, Yixian County, a psychologist is psychologically giving a psychologically giving a child.

Everything began to go back to the right track.

Ye Shi Liang, member of the Standing Committee of the County County Committee, and the county government executive deputy magistrate, the county is organizing self-regular, water, resident, employment, transportation, transaction, etc. Hidden danger investigation. Monitoring all districts and counties organizational strengths, focus on the key places in the jurisdiction, the construction of the project, the old houses and personnel, especially for the crowded hidden dangers of the Zhen County, and fully eliminate safety hazards, and strictly prefers Disaster occurred.

The People’s Government of Luzhou City introduces, the next step, Zhangzhou will continue to do four aspects. First, continue to fully search and rescue may be trapped. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of rescue, pull the net type, full cover search and rescue investigation, fully search and rescue may be trapped, and ensure that “no one person”, and prepares for treatment; Rescue. Further strengthen the transfer of mass life security, orderly organization to transfer disaster relief supplies, overturgic prevention and control, and environmental, water quality and pathological monitoring to ensure that there is no size after the disaster; third is to quickly and accurately carry out disaster damage assessments. Further strengthen the safety assessment of damaged housing, the damaged housing is set up a warning line, warning slogan, etc. Synchronize other disaster loss assessments; four is to continue to do a good job in danger. Strengthen the investigation and remediation of the hidden dangers of the affected area and geological disasters, strengthen the annual warning of aftershocks, meteorology, geological disaster monitoring, guide the safety of the masses, and strictly prevent secondary disasters.

Ye Shi Liang, member of the Standing Committee of the County County Committee and County Government, said that the reporter said that it will strictly follow the prevention and control of the epidemic, and have a good job in the disaster, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, and protect the lives of the people.

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