[PCONLINE App] Recently, the stormy audio and audio is returned. The storm once stretched into the giants in the fields of VR, TV, and variety art, once used the video player as the foundation, walked into thousands of households, and even became a “foreign stock” worth more than 40 billion.

However, due to the wrong investment strategy, the Storm Group’s fund chain breaks, the real-controlled man Feng Xin was taken for mandatory measures by the public security organs, and the storm group also had a thousand feet. Recently, the road to retreat. Under the tide of the times, the storm player has long been gradually unattainable. Now, although the Storm Video official website can be opened, there is only one page with a blizzard audio and video download link. This classic video player seems to have come to the end.

Although the line streaming media has become a mainstream channel of the video, no matter what, people still need an excellent local video player. The storm video has fallen, what should we do? As an old driver who reads all kinds of strange blame video, the author will introduce you to one or two.



As a video enthusiast, first mentioned, of course, MPC.


The full name of MPC is “Media Player Classic Home Cinema”, seeing the name, this is a close relationship with Windows Media Player (WMP) – actually MPC is the same work of WMP.


In ancient times, WMP is a very good player, but Microsoft launched WMP 7.0 in 2000, but the classic changed, which caused a lot of enthusiasts. So the developer in 2003, he broke an open source software MPC to pay tribute to the classic version of WMP old version. Today, MPC has born two major branches of MPC-HC and MPC-BE, still actively serving global users.


WMP (left) and MPC

The maximum selling point of MPC is that the functions and performance are not short. First, the format supported by the MPC is very comprehensive. In 2005, MPC has been able to kill VCD, SVCD, DVD and other disc playings, and also support AC3, AAC, DTS audio decoding – even for video that is considered as a future Encoding H.264 / AVC provides perfect support. Today, H.264 / AVC has become an absolute mainstream. MPC has had the ability to decode today’s video in more than ten years ago, and the advanced level can be seen.

Very classic MPC-HC


The MPC’s playback capability is so strong, and it is related to its architecture. The MPC uses the DirectShow architecture. In this architecture, MPC can call various decoders through the DirectShow interface provided by the WIN system. For example, MPC can encapsulate DirectShow filters such as FfdShow to achieve strong decoding capabilities. In MPC-HC, the MPC filter has been further developed, supporting MPC-HC plug-in filter, and finally, the appearance of the god-level filter LAV, allowing MPC’s video decoding nearly invincible. Under the blessing of LAV, the MPC supports the latest model of graphics card hard solution, supports the most advanced video coding, and the basic skills of video play are impeccable.

MPC’s gameplay varies. For example, if you want better picture quality, you can use MADVR to render; if you want to support more pattern subtitles, you can use xysubfilter … If you are a video enthusiast, MPC will not let you down.

The main disadvantage of MPC is that the interface is not in the era. After all, this is software with the classic WMP. The interface still maintains the original origin, and the support of the touch screen is not good enough.


MPC-BE interface, skin is slightly designed than MPC-HC



This may be the most popular player that is most popular in the video hauls. PotPlayer is a commercial software, but it is also free. Compared with the MPC, its own own features are more modern, more modern, and support for touch screens is also more friendly.

Quite popular PotPlayer player

The PotPlayer has been launched, and it is received by many users. This is a large part of the reason because PotPlayer and classic Kmplayer come from the same author’s hand. PotPlayer is also used by the DirectShow architecture, as with MPC, you can also install a variety of filters such as LAV, MADVR, etc. In terms of function, PotPlayer does not exist short board.

PotPlayer function is very powerful

Compared with MPC, PotPlayer is valuable to its threshold. PotPlayer itself has built-in decoder that meets everyday use, even if you don’t add additional filters, it can also run very well, and it is not a problem that you have a common video format on the market.

Of course, PotPlayer is not a perfect. It is the most ill, it may be a shame list that is added ffmpeg. FFMPEG is an open source video processing component, which is the foundation of many players, but it is based on the GPL / LGPL license, which means that if the source code of FFMPEG is used, the corresponding source code is also required to open source. However, the player such as PotPlayer does not do this, which violates the rules of the open source community.

QQ video


This is the product of Tencent’s “conscience software”, and the experience is good. QQ audio and video has a long history, although it does not have a storm video, but it has been regarded as an important front of the storm video. In the blink of an eye, the QQ audio and video has been more than ten years old.

QQ video 4.0

QQ audio and video has not opened the official website in 2018, and it has not been updated, which makes many users think so. However, Tencent suddenly had to continue to update the QQ audio and video, although there is no added too much heavy function, but the QQ audio is still survived, or many people are happy.

QQ audio and video has such a good reputation, and its flat-friendly experience is unlikely. First of all, many other products in Tencent, QQ video do not have much advertising promotion, the background is also more clean, and the interface is relieved. And in the core playback, it can meet daily needs, although the decoder is more old (for example, the old Gabest separator), and the MPC, PotPlayer cannot be synonymous, but it is still compatible with common video formats. .

If it is just ordinary use, the QQ audio and video has no experience in the experience. It is also the same as a lot of video players, and therefore has been added in accordance with the norms, and therefore has been added to FFMPEG’s shame list. But if you want a video player that you can play your hand at any time, QQ video is still a good choice.



If you use Windows, these players above are enough to meet you; but if you are other platforms, you want to have a general solution, then VLC is almost the only choice.

Can support multi-platform VLC

The VLC is an open source universal video player, which is valuable to one of them lies in open source and free, and the second is cross-platform. Whether you use Windows, Macos, Linux or mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, VLC can work hard, and the effect is not general.


The VLC has very good decoding ability, and the common video is not completely problematic. It is rare that it has maintained strong decoding capabilities in many platforms, which can adapt different CPUs, graphics cards, and provide hard solutions. In addition to video playback, its other functions are also possible, such as recording, screen capture, subtitle support, etc., are extremely high. And if you have a certain hands-on ability, you can also install a variety of expansions, as well as editing its skin, and playability is definitely not disappointing.

VLC is a full range of players that have little shortcomings. It doesn’t need to install additional decoders, you can use it, but if you like to study, you can always give you a surprise. A few years ago, VLC may not be too stable, but the problem in this area has been much less. If you are looking for a multi-platform high-quality player, VLC will be a good choice.


Online video is still booming, the living space of the local player is getting smaller and smaller. The decline of the storm audio and video largely illustrates the small pond of the local player, which has been can’t accommodate the business big crocodile. Fortunately, small and beautiful video players still exist. If you still have a unique momentum for local video, try the player mentioned above.