Today, I will share the vest home service and loose shorts.


Now the weather really wants to wear this, cool and comfortable! ! !

Come look at the style map

Generally, like this big neckline, there will be a phenomenon that neighbor is not written, or low-looking.

This version, I have perfectly handled this problem, especially a little bit of chicken heart in the neckline, never do it, I feel that this shape is called the touch of this dress (because many People are not paying attention to the drawing or when they do, they will not pay a big V-collected.)

The front and rear collar effect shows, is it very good?

The whole dress is long before the big, the front is relaxed and comfortable, the post-film service is not tired, perfect!

No nonsense, above. The L code has been working hard to lose weight, which is always a code from the national standard, …


The valve is a bit big, the reason is that I have done the handling of the chest province and the neckline, so don’t question the version problem, just do it.

This is the size of the micro-bomb fabric. If it is a non-pop-up material, you can use the M code. If it is a fabric that is too large, you can use the XL code, in summary, it is mainly comfortable.

The unit is centimeter. If you are not used to buy a soft ruler, the two sides of the melancholy feet are centimeters, one is a market, and the reference cm size can be seen. Do not use brain conversion. . .

Other numbers are required, and the panel can be pushed directly according to the length of 4cm length 1cm.


Top cutting script

Pants cropping, the cropping of the pants is a waist, so pay attention to the sewing of the waist tight rolls when cropping.


The width of the seam edge is 1.5cm wide than the leather bandwidth you use.

The length of the rubber band measures its own pure waist, then minus 6cm left and right

The side seam is a side seam pocket. I have not painted it. I will add it, I will not make a pocket, I can turn the video of my pants in front, there is a special lecture pocket

This is also a cropping pattern of the L code, because it is more relaxed, it is also possible as a code.

If you are particularly fat or specially thin, you can put 25 cm on the hip.


There is no difficulty in the production of the whole clothes, it is to pay special attention to the neckline of the top, do not deform. If you are not sure, you can fix it again and then do it.

There is no special request for fabrics, wearing comfortable and cool, there is a good family. Look at the colors. I don’t care at home. If you want to wear it, you will take a heart to match it.

Ok, today’s share is here. If you like it, you can try it. If you don’t understand, you can go to the comment area.

Welcome to praise, forward, to encourage, thank you! ! !