Pour Homme EDT

Bulgari men’s perfume

We are more willing to call it as an aspirated water in Jillying.

I have got the 1997 Yuxiang Oscar FIFI Award

Best male incense year

The level is very rich but it is not complicated.

Fantasy soft wooden fragrance is not single

The secret of incomparable charm is calm and decided

Deep and energetic style

Surveyful sexy


Dedicated to nature elegant and confident men

In 1995

Not only being a woman who is pursuing refreshing aroma


Also have been gentle and gentle

Female in the heart of the ductile workplace

Or tell from its launch

Is a neutral extracerase

It is said that it is also the favorite male fragrance of Mu Village Tuo Li Min.

Someone describes the hug of its boyfriend

Previously wrote the contemporary male fragrance

Zhang Yang’s personality is not suitable for 33 years old

Stage sex abandonment of any perfume

Today, send friends to discharge

Inadvertently see the three Gregrant of Bulgari

I only remember one of the three most clean perfumes.

There are many perfumes with tea.

Sweet fresh Arden green tea

Zumaron Cucumber and Earl Tea

Ouyi Union

Guerlain citrus green tea

Of course, tea is the inspirational perfume

Bulgari has undoubtedly


Red tea theme of red green tea white tea series

There is a relatively rare blue tea black tea perfume now

The aroma is the whole is aquatic flowers and fresh wood.

Dajiling Tea Black Gallosa Lotus

Highlight no attacker relaxation

At this time, black tea is not a dry tea baking taste.

It is a soft aroma that is a cup of delicious tea.

Such as you hold a gold amber with light red tea

Plus white water lily full of dew

Say quietly open the first petal

At this time, the life seems to stop growing.

The medium-regulated floating is a soft warm

It is a dry breath of paleon

Mid-adjustment and Dior Elder Dragon Water

Spices have ingredients with black pepper

The pepper is not obvious at this moment.

Please pay attention to the pepper with this spice in perfume

Not too much spicy is a very personal element

Bright active breath

Mid-adjustment is constant, and it is stable.

Like a holiday season

Read a little Xiaoyan on the big wooden pier sitting on the ground

Musk amber tail stroke bright and comfortable


Access aquatic plants and tea

Also brings a medium-regulated dry wood

Ingredients that feel moss

Moss is the smoothness of oxygen in the rain in the rain.

It seems that the air of breathing is clean.

The hour just sprayed out

Carefully smell seven or eight times

I have been suspected that this kind of aqua quasi is not fragrant.

Always until 2 o’clock in the middle of the night


The warmth of the simple and purely hindered

The aroma is still full of people

So as weak but tough is not single

TA that you never think of when you have proud

It is also an frustrated TA that is not missing.

You can accommodate any state.


If you are a relaxed man who does not deliberately watching the pressure

If you are a strong female man

Conduct confidential face to life every moment

Enjoy any good time to bring us


You should have the companionship of Dajiling perfume

No matter what year

Low-key base

Especially women choose gifts for male compatriots


Strongly recommended this perfume

Men who don’t use perfume will not reject

Many friends buy perfume

Not trying to smell the aroma

All start a cognition from the first eye

Bulgari is one of the three major jewelry brands in Europe.

The quality of the bottle design and the whole of the perfume is unquestionable

Geometric bottle, light gray and silver match


Low-key everywhere is not wrong

Release a clear temperament