In 1919, the International Labor Standard was born in 1919, in 1919, the organization has born in 1919, the organization has developed the international labor standards to strive for reasonable power for the workers of all countries. As the largest funding country for the International ILO, the United States has always mastered relatively large words, often giving the crime of “forced labor” in other countries, this time the United States is staring in Malaysia.

October 21st,


CBP said that the import ban on the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturer SuperMAX is issued due to the presence of forced labor, and the company is confiscated to the US export glove.

The United States said that the outside world is not blamed. As early as July last year, the US CBP was brought into a blacklist in another rubber glove manufacturer of Malaysia, and confiscated the company’s immigration port production in the United States. CBP said that the United States will never allow foreign companies to exploit their vulnerable workers, and then sell these unethical inexpensive goods to American consumers.

According to the data, Top Glove is the largest medical glove manufacturer in Malaysia and the world, with an annual output of more than 96 billion in gloves, and 2020 global protective gloves are provided by the company. During the epidemic, the total TOP Glove stock price of production capacity has increased by more than 350%, and then the United States will take immediate action and hit the company.

Affected by the import ban on the United States, the third quarter of the 20021 fiscal year, Top Glove’s net profit fell 29.03% to 200 million to RM, the last season is 2.8 billion 70 million. However, on September 10 this year, Top Glove announced that the United States finally returned, and the CBP decided to release the import ban until now, allowing the company to resume the US export and sales gloves.


Top Glove has just been respected, and its competitors supermax are suffered. SuperMax also profitable in this epidemic, 2021 fiscal year, the annual benefit of the Malaysian glove manufacturer surged 627%, reaching 381 billion yuan (about 6 billion yuan).

Although the United States is frequently found to find Malaysian manufacturers, but in the global supply chain, Ma Guo is also considered one of the replacement countries by the United States.

It is understood that Malaysia has obvious advantages in chip, electronic products, and vehicle manufacturing industries, British, STMicroelectronics, Intel, Texas Instruments, Anshenmei, etc.

More than 50 giants are in the local investment plant.

For example, this summer Malaysian epidemic is raging, the factory is discontinued, and the United States is universal, Ford and other car giants have expressed their urgency and reduce capacity. Malaysia is a key location in the chip field, and it can be considered “Mission to the United States”.

In addition to Malaysia, the United States also regards Vietnam and India as one of the substitutes, but there is a Vietnam, which is known as the next world factory. This shot is also rebounded by the epidemic “focus”, the country’s economy is serious, this year’s three quarters GDP creation 35 The worst performance in the years.

In order to save the economy, Vietnam can only take the strategy coexisting with viral, no longer adopting the city measures, knowing that a million workers immediately run the road, the factory can not quickly recover the production, so that Nike is more likely to lose weight . In mid-August, more than 80 US companies believe in the Deng, seeking him to help Vietnam, otherwise their Vietnamese factories can’t support it.

Under the epidemic, Modi launched a self-reliance plan, but it is proud of the pharmaceutical industry, textile industry and mobile phone industry all have serious illnesses. India has difficult to copy miracles, so that this plan is insufficient. In mid-September, the US Ford Motor Company issued a statement, and after $ 2 billion, it decided to close two factories in India.

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