The woman likes the bag is from the bones. Nowadays, women don’t have to take anything, but they can’t have less bags.

That problem is here, how to choose a stylish and beautiful bag?

Today, I will bring a seven English small bags. If you share the package, you have already owned it, then we have nothing to do. Message to give a hand ~ haha

Temple bag! Women’s new favorite black gold fossile, texture

Have to say, British small branded bags, the overall cortical feeling is very bright, and it is very solid.

This only looks at the Chinese rule, in fact, the upper body is a soft leather than the official map, and there is magnetic suction.

Special likes, when the cover is turned on, the flip will not hinder the inner lining of the foggy thin stripe, with the black, can not be more in, there is a small mirror.

The capacity is also very large, an estimated folding umbrella, the length of the shoulder strap is lost than the ordinary axillary.

Winter wearing thick clothes, very comfortable, no card ~ black gold color color is also autumn and winter! It is true that it is true.

British retro handmade package

This is definitely a super-beautiful retro handmade package. Beara beara is a British small brand, and their home is hand-made.

This leather little saddle bag will fall in love with it, very retro handsome, but there is a little cute feel.

The rich deep wine is completely not old, the package is very large, the cowhide looks particularly good. Metal buckle is old design, great texture. Although the package is small, the memory is very large, and there is no problem in daily demand.

Shoulder straps can be adjusted, causing the back or a shoulder back. It is especially mentioned that this brand’s lettering. You can engrave the letters you want on the bag, and make a package that is a special bag. It is very suitable to do a gift to a friend, customize a package. Haha.


Cold door black gold keyts unmanned bag

I often pay attention to this brand of bags, but there is a very strange phenomenon. Such a good-looking bag, why didn’t you see people? Maybe brand propaganda is not enough, you can only comfort yourself. But this bag is very good, the lady can understand online, I believe you will fall in love with it.

Bright face + black gold color, at first glance, just like only the Chinese ancient bag, because it is also equipped with a wide canvas shoulder with a handful, shoulder and relax. You can have a lot of clothes in the style of the clothes, and the lambskin inner miles is bright orange. It is also a favorite point!

British small handmade retro bag


Beara beara handmade bag, in the English name is not bad, the domestic name is much smaller, it is also bored, brushing the friends knows this brand, come to the official website, then a little can’t pull, fall in love with this brand Bag.

This is a very high and handsome, the British brother bag is 100% pure cowhide handmade pack hardware accessories is very retro.

Each exceeded personality is very small in the UK official website often discounts Shanghai Tianzi Fang also there is a store, and the grass, the small partner can also go to the Chinese official website ~


Refuse to hit the package! It is worth a spanish small bag

In China, it is a small bag, but I have seen a few people, the bag design is unique, the texture is also very good. For the office workers, it can be a very suitable commute bag.

Although this brand is a native in China, it is already a fashion circle in Europe.

This package, the bag is very light, but the accommodation is very optimistic.


British entry must! Zatchels classic is a treasure in the total style of Zatchel Cambridge, the classic paragraph must be the soul.

Its inspiration comes from the mid-two-mid-range British traditional kraft book bag, the excellent representative of the British college style

Using head layer leather and traditional flip and double buckle design traditional handicraft, the craftsmanship builds every detail, the package is hard, the outer surface of the square is hidden, and the inner heart is caught, and the retro gene and hard temperament ~ 巧 or The cold switch is free to switch, which can be described as the British entry must have a million single item.


Classical paragraph 11.5 inch and 13 inch two sizes, you can accommodate daily necessities such as iPad, magazines, books, notebooks, 13 inch special classic card holders, highlighting retro style

Harry Potter Classic College, Downton Manor’s English and elegant, punk-style small gloomy and irrelevant … Let you show N temperament english.

Always classic, always deep into people

Unforgis elegant English retro bags HATBOX series high-grade ink green hatbox bag


Combining the British classic and modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern modern, with the iconic gold shield lock, the leather embossing is exquisite, the silk is in the silk, and the elegant set is a fashion. Romance.

Aspinal is a luxury bag brand from the UK, deeply loved by the British royal, Kate Wang Hao and European.

The above 7 small bags, each has its own characteristics, but it is absolutely guaranteed that the chance of going out is almost 0. Haha ~ I like it. I have a good time ~ Thank you.