China New Jingwei Client February 7 (Wei Wei) is another international giant Pamper’s Pampers (pampers). Injury, Chinese consumers have been exceeded. Popular point is: involved in products and the Chinese market.

Pampers domestic sales diapers really safe?

Jing Weijun (WeChat public number: jwview) query “The European Times” official website found that at the end of January, an article invoked from the French New Agency said that “60 million consumption magazine” on January 24 to sell 12 baby diapers sold by the merchant Test it. Among them, the US multinational consumption daily supplies company Pampers, the “Babydry”, the “Babydry”, contains two possible cancer residues, as well as dioxins and furans that may interfere with the hooker system.

On February 5, Pampers issued a statement that the products involved in the report did not sell in China. Is this so really?

Jingwei Jun (WeChat public number: jwview) inquiry in China official website

It is understood that Pampers are in order to adapt to the needs of consumers of different countries, and the types of diapers selling in countries are not the same. The US version of the Pampers have four series, namely Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Baby Dry. The “Baby Dry” series is of course not sold in China.

Can you be completely relieved? not necessarily.

People who know more English know, “Dry” can be translated into Chinese “dry”. A mother introduced a mother to Jingweijun (WeChat public number: jwview), according to the color of the outer packaging, China netizens also referred to as the foreign version of the Pampers to the Red Help, Huang Help, Purple Help, Green. “Baby Dry” is a green gang of the green, and the Chinese version of the Pampers is ultra-thin and dry series, and it is also green packaging. This may be just a coincidence?

In addition, although there is no sales on the official website, many mothers asked by Jingweijun (WeChat public number: jwview) said that they will often purchase foreign diapers, milk powder, etc. produced abroad.

Jingweijun (WeChat public number: jwview) entered “BabyDry” on Taobao, No. 1 shop, Jingdong and other online shopping platforms, have a large purchase of this diaper in the above platform, including German version, British version, US version, France Edition is produced from multinational diapers. It can be seen at random click, and this diaper sells from dozens of hundreds of hundreds.

Of course, people are most concerned about whether this product contains poisonous substances, and it is publicly responded to this product. It is far lower than that in the diaper products in French test results. , Fruit, food, etc. are licensed by the EU regulations and the content of products that are harmless to human health and safety.

Jingweijun (WeChat public number: jwview) found a science articles in the website of the National Quality Supervision Administration, human short-term exposure to high doses of dioxin, may result in skin damage, may also change liver function. Long-term contact will involve the immune system, the development of nervous system, endocrine system, and reproductive function. Among them, the development of the fetus is the most sensitive to dioxinism.

Unfortunately, in the first round of diapers (film, pad) product quality supervision in 2016, Pamper diapers did not underground. Regarding the Chinese version of the pamper diaper contains toxic substances, it is also necessary to wait for the inspection of the relevant state departments.

Yao Jianfang, the analyst of China E-Commerce Research Center, said that the international brand product recall is more troubles, because the standards at home and abroad are different. If it is a product quality problem, it is definitely a brand to recall the goods, which requires national quality inspection department intervention or other agencies. Helping consumers fight their own rights, consumers have difficult communication with their own ability to communicate accordingly.


In addition, Yao Jianfang suggests consumers, and choose international brands must be purchased through regular channels, and to understand the performance of product performance in advance, whether it is suitable for use, and finally pay attention to saving shopping vouchers, and prepares accordingly for later rights protection.

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From last year’s IKEA, Samsung, to this year’s Pampers, the international giant’s attitude toward Chinese consumers can say “let people feel cold”. To review the “two pairs of faces” before the international giants:

Event 1: IKEA “Killing Cabinet” incident

In June last year, in North American hot furniture “Marm Malm” series bedside table and cabinets have been overwhelmed and killed by 6 children, on June 29, it was recalled by IKEA, but China is not recall. IKEA explained that this series of wardrobes conform to China’s national standards, so they do not recall.

IKEA “There is a good” movement in the “Chinese and foreign countries” has caused strong dissatisfaction with Chinese consumers, and after the National Quality Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and China Consumer Association, IKEA submitted a recall plan to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Supervision, decided to start from July 12, 2016. In the Chinese market, Malm and other series of drawers sold during 1999 to 2016 were recalled. According to the company’s statistics, the number of affected products (including imported products) in mainland China has a total of approximately 166 million pieces.

Event 2: Samsung mobile phone “explosive door”


Shortly after the IKEA incident, Samsung stepped back. In August 2016, shortly after the release of Samsung Note7, the global combustion accident occurred. On September 2, South Korea Samsung Electronics will recall the Galaxy Note7 smartphones sold worldwide, and will stop selling the market requirements of Galaxy Note7, including 10 countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, and the Chinese market is Excluded. Not only that, when exposed to the national bank, Samsung also issued a statement that the product is damaged due to external heating.

After nearly 50 days of efforts in China consumers and relevant departments, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan to the National Quality Supervision Prevention, and decided to recall all SM sold in mainland China from October 11, 2016. -N9300 Galaxy Note7 mobile phone, a total of approximately 190,000 units (including 1858 products recited on September 14, 2016).

In January this year, Kohdong-jin, the head of Samsung Mobile Business, said deep apologized for China’s unsatisfactory recall, and he said that if Samsung is more careful and serious in the time, The so-called “double standard problem” will happen.

Event 3: McDonald’s antibiotic chicken

In the above two cases, the involved company eventually chose the old man to recall the problem. However, McDonald’s that Chinese consumers often take “double standard”.

In August 2016, many consumer groups in the United States recently submitted a petition to McDonald’s and called for stop using antibiotic chicken. McDonald’s announced that the 2017 US market will purchase chicken products that do not use human antibiotics. However, in the Chinese market, the foreign fast food did not make this commitment.

In this regard, McDonald’s response media said that McDonald’s requires Chinese suppliers to use antibiotics to strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations. “We will work with relevant government departments, suppliers, experts, and gradually promote the development of the industry according to the actual situation of China’s agriculture.” (China New Jingwei App)

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