New house

1, the first room, read the Huayun Yue Yue and Wujian New Street, all the subway. Ask the teacher from developers, transportation, living environment, appreciation space, etc. to analyze.

A: The location of China Resources, focusing on the Jinshui District, in the three rings, big developers. The words of five construction are the first choice for the western suburbs. The five-year focus is the subway, geoche, and the self-driving traffic is not smooth, and the residential environment of the neighboring power plant is slightly poor. It is recommended that you still look at China Run, often big developers easier products, and it is more likely to appreciate.

2, Bay View International, Qian Long City, Mingmen Cuiyuan. Consider education, as well as subway commute. Trouble analysis of the above three real estate.

A: Three dishes, the foreign schools have been announced, and the primary schools in the Bay will have started school. All three discs have a relatively far-reaching area of ​​Metro, Cuiyuan (Line 3), Qian Long City (Line 9) and Bay View (Line 6). Qian Long City and Cuiyuan have business.

From a developer’s perspective, Cuiyuan products may be better. In the Third Ring, considering the Bay View International, more precision. Low budget, considering Qian Long City, will not be poor in the future. High budget, more interested in the North District, considering Cuiyuan.

3,400,000, investment, two-ring 97 years old, Nanlong Lake Hanlin Huafu, South Fourth Ring Xinyuan famous, or what you have recommended.

A: The 97 years is too old, self-occupied, and the investment is not big. Dragon Lake is too far from urban district and is not recommended to consider this area.

The new house in Erqi District is worse than considering the south of the south. It is recommended to see Yongwei City and Green Galah. In addition, Yongwei City 89 square small three-bedroom type is very good, the current listings in the 4th period are not much, I feel suitable. The Green Great Bay is expected to open in mid-May.

4, the first set of self-occupation, the down payment 30, read Huiquan Xue Yuecheng and blessing Red City, as well as Nanlong Lake Zhongyuan and Zhengfu City. How to choose?

A: Zhengzhou far away, such as Nanlong Lake, Fuyang, Kaifeng West, etc., it is not recommended to first take the first set of self Huiquan Xueyue City is OK, blessing Red City does not recommend that developers and real estate quality cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the second seventh canal new district, such as the East Playing, the average price of Quan Yanquan, etc., the average price of the area is basically around 12,000.

5, 110, improve the residential, 400,000 deposits, the month supply is about 5,000, Tahong Jian Industrial International City, the quality and the unit is not satisfied, but there is a first payment staging, the three rings and canal

Near, please give pointers.

A: The month supply is about 5,000, according to the first set of first loans, the average price of the South is about 14,000, and the 110-level first payment needs to pay more than about 600,000. There is not much real estate in the first payment in the South.

If you want to look at the canal, you can look at the Green Duyu, and there are riverside next to Yongwei City. At present, it should not be very good, but the future is available.

6, want to invest in Zhengzhou small three rooms, the down payment of about 400,000, please recommend which one piece and real estate, it is best to share the preferred plate and the secondary option.

A: This budget is recommended to consider the south area. Yongwei City 4th Phase 88 Ping Small 3rd Room. The Green Great Way is five issues and opened in mid-May. The North Third Ring near China Run Yue, the location is good, the price is cost-effective. At present, the North District Mangmen Cuiyuan has the first payment period, but the down payment budget may increase. Comprehensive recommendations: First choose Yongwei City, then Way, Yuemine, and finally Cuiyuan.

7, the down payment is improved within 900,000. Pay attention to quality and school (key consideration), look at Jinzunfu, Hanier Bay, Shang Yueju, Yongwei City, please recommend it.

A: Jin Zunfu is equipped with Chuangxin Street Primary School, which is the first dish of Thai, and the quality is not too likely.海尔 湾 is the civilized secondary school in Sias, the level is unknown, and the area price is not cost-effective. Consider the north, it is recommended to live in Yueju. Recommend Yongwei City and Jin Zunfu.

8, the hand holds 600,000 first payment, I want to buy a house in Zhengzhou, ask the appreciation potential, convenient transportation, please recommend several properties.

A: Urban mature position: China Run Yue, good location, price advantage, China Resources brand. Far Suburface: White Sand, Green Boat Area, suitable for long-term investment, Blending Xianghu nickname, surrounding new house prices 13500, there is a large difference, you can purchase.

9. Foreign, considering investment and child go to school, from the perspective of investment, the high-rise and 22,000 bungalows of the Garden 16000 are more appreciated. Is there a full amount of funds, do you need a bank leverage?

A: The high-rise of the Cuiyuan is combined with investment and self-occupation. If you look at the perspective of investment, it is recommended that the high-level price is less than 16,000 prices is lower than the average price of the district. The 房 22000 is basically equal to the average price of the district, and it is not calculated. If there is a first quota, it can use the leverage trading or to use the lever to the extreme.

10, investment and self-occupation. In the budget price of 1.5 million, can the three rooms or small three rooms in the three rings?

A: The new house in Zhengzhou main city can now consider the North Third Ring Way, the location can, the price is now more advantageous, the surrounding Xinglong City, the third line of the subway station can also go to see. In addition, South Third Ring Xinyuan International New City, Double Subway, the next period is expected to be launched in June.

Second-hand housing

1. The next set of North District Tiandiwan Phase III small three rooms (blank), now I want to sell the first phase of the Hippocampus Park. But there are schools in the Tiandi Bay, and the school is uncertain near the East Railway Station, the hippocampus is slightly higher (around Oran and Garden, can you consider).

A: This replacement is right. If you can wait, the new house of the Hippo Park can be considered (the average price is much lower than the second-hand housing). The Quality of Orland Garden is OK, but there is a gap with the Hip Horse Park, or it is recommended to hippocamp. There are also schools in the hipurn park, and the teaching quality is still available in the high-speed rail station area. Considering the monthly supply you can, this replacement is still possible.

2, Zhengda New Blue Diamond A second-hand housing, Tahe Jinzhun 109 flat. Want to improve housing, down payment of about 70, don’t know which suitable choice. Ask for questions.

A: This two buy is good. Rapid, buy blue drill. Don’t worry about buying Tahe, in addition to traffic is not convenient, there is a bit chaos around, others are good, double subway, introduced innovation street primary school, Tahe’s brand. (Compared to the price of the beauty of the Dragon Tang, the location is poor than Tahe, the second-hand housing is more than 20,000)

3, which investment in second-hand housing and new house better? In the down payment of 700,000, the second-hand housing Tianzhu and the small apartment of the hippocampus. Is there a good suggestion in the good community in the Eastern District?

A: Such as pure investment, new room, it is recommended to wait for the UK Territory. Hippocampus Park and Jianye Tianshu, can be selected to build an industry, the highest-end real estate in the high-speed rail station area. If you go to school, the primary school, you can look at the real estate near the Juyuan Road, Yongwei Dongtang, Julong City and Shengshi Yehua.

4. Single wants to buy a small apartment in Zhengzhou, a small apartment, a large-purpose, a large-scale, and self-employment, and recommend it.

A: Jinshui District International Trade 360 ​​rental price is high, very SOHO, Erqi District Kangqiao Golden Domain, Shenglong International, Guancheng Happiness Harbor, you can also use small appended small appended savings according to the surrounding support and transportation.

5, near the high-rise elevators near Jinshui District Hospital, there is no recommended community? Whether the second-hand housing is too high, the problem of value-added space is not as pure new disk in the future?

A: The elevator room in this area is very small, and the price is more than 20,000. Distance to the elevator room, you can look at Ruiyuan, but the price is relatively high. At present, the price of new housing is significantly lower than the second-hand housing prices, plus the age of age, and the new homes in the later periods of the same area will be better.

6. I want to sell Jinyihua’s 140 square meters three rooms to the second room of the second-hand housing community within 4 million Eastern District, there are small, junior high school needs. Is the three rooms in the gold collar?

A: If there is an intentional gold-collar era, it is recommended to consider hippocampus parks and Central Savings. In addition to primary schools in addition to primary school (small with gap in primary schools), others are not bad. If you like multiple layers, you can consider the Eastern Eastern District, Greenland Old Street and Shunchi’s first street, and the green city lily needs to be lucky.

7. Zhenghong Blueburger Wanshi Holly (property rights 50 years), left bank international small complex, currently doing only two points: First, there is a subway, the second is the lower payment, can these two communities start?

A: Overall, the Shihao Xiaoman is still nice, there is a subway, there is a business in the later period, and there is no problem in 50 years of property rights. There is no problem with the self-occupation, settled account, go to school, and then trading is no problem. The left bank international is close to the subway, all other things. These two communities are recommended to give priority.

other cities

1. Buzhou to buy a house, short-term self-occupation, plan long hold, now, will it stand, can you start? There is currently no purchase restriction, how is the future of Zhangzhou?

A: You must buy a high-speed rail room in Zhangzhou. The closer to the high-speed rail station, the better the house in Zhangzhou is limited, the current price is not too high, you can start.

2, coordinate Dalian, two sets of self-housing in high-tech zone Know what advice.

A: Now this node, buy Ganjingzi is investment, buying brush is speculative. Buy brush now, or double it, or after the wind is stopped, you can stand for at least 4 years. There are more than 4 sets in the country, may wish to go smoothly, if there is only one or two sets, or choose Ganjingzi, which can communicate the sector of the subway. In addition, for this remote suburban sector, six words: subway (orbit), big brand, large scale

3, Tianjin settled + investment, total price of 2 million, from the perspective of investment 1. Jinnan and the sea teaching area 2. Which one of the new ecological city is doubled? From the future, the return on investment, the sea education park is still a saltwater?

A: I am more optimistic about the new disk of the saltwater tile area of ​​about 150,000. The sea education park has the ingredients of hype overdraft. There are many uncertainties in the future. Specific analysis can refresh the Tianjin School District published by Michai. As for the new ecological city, it is far away. In addition to the property, it is basically not available to any industrial support, and it is not very optimistic.

4, can Yantai house still buy? Can you buy priority to consider the two districts? Muping District, worried about too many housing, after the difficulty of changing, the southern suburbs and Hongshan shanty household renovation will further promote housing prices?

A: Yantai is a good economy in Shandong Province, and its main development direction is to form an integrated situation in East, and Weihai. The best project in Muping District is Longhu Bodhi, quality, if the purchase of Muping recommends this project. However, the main direction is recommended to put it in Laishan District, and the old city Zhifu District has been developed. There is no big risk, and the city is good.

5, please analyze the 25,000 Mountain Lake Hengda Yuefu, Foshan, Mount Foshan Shunde, 25,000, Nansha Xinghe Bay 30,000, which is more suitable for investment, Nansha should be full (three have subway, Near the Marine Bay Near the Pier)

A: Original Nansha may be better, but because of the reason for the purchase, the value of investment is not large if it is required. In addition, the price of thousands of lights is slightly higher, and the price comparison of Guangzhou is, the premium space is still relatively small, and Foshan gives up. In general, these items include these regions, have been added, and the short-term investment value is still relatively general.

6, Dalian, high-tech park two sets, a set of Xiaoping Island, and another small house parents live. Currently, the cash is 60W. Two points after the purchase restriction, whether the small room sells to the parents to improve the housing, but the current high-tech park is too expensive, if you want to invest in, you can buy it, you need to buy, or the small room sells, invest two sets?

A: Three key points: First, the high-tech zone has reached a higher point, 2.2 million is not tight, once it reaches 25,000 to 30,000, it is more likely to be bubble. So investment does not have to consider high-tech.

Second, Dalian’s second half of the year is Ganjingzi, Ganjingzi will rapidly increase, expect to be at 30% _50%, if investment Dalian, Ganjingzi is the best area of ​​this year. It is recommended to use 600,000 Ganjingzi after analyzing. The Ganbei house is no longer, and now the best area is Gallise.

Ganjingzi buy a house is three: big brands, relying on subway, urban areas. Third, Lushun is inappropriate for you, or risky. Lushun is a big risk, and the income is also large. Therefore, combined a few points, do not have to sell the house, to see the existing funds to Gandi, the benefits are very objective.

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1 Is it always effective?

A: Yes, holding Australia’s identity, within five years, you can go back and trip to Australia within five years; but you need to stay in Australia for two years in any five years to keep your identity.

2, how to get local identity after studying in Australia?

A: After graduating from Australia, it is recommended to take the work in the work, and have a work experience and then take independent technology to reach the green card. 1. The language is advantageous to meet the minimum of 6 points in IELTS; 2, degree, age, and work experience. 3. There are study abroad and work experience in Australia to add points to meet EOI score standards.

3. What kinds of Australian immigrants, what are the conditions?


Australian immigrant immigrants are divided into three categories: technology immigrant venture immigrants invest in immigrants.

Technical immigration: requires at least 6 points, undergraduate degrees, experience, under 50 years of age, to meet the local shortage of occupation. Entrepreneurial immigration: 4 million family assets, domestic companies and annual turnover is not less than 2 million yuan, and the shareholding ratio is not less than 30%, listed companies are not less than 10%.

4, technology immigration IELTS is a hard regulation? Do you need a few points?

A: The most critical point of technology immigration, age, degree, IELTS score, work experience. IELTS is a hard regulation, with a minimum of four six, because Australia is scoring, the higher the EOI score, the greater the opportunity, so IELTS is at least 6 points, the higher the better, the higher it.


1, now very popular bedroom study, Mi house decoration suggest new housing decoration?

A: The bookmark of the bedroom study can be considered. On the one hand, there can be a space that is more comfortable to read, but on the other hand, I don’t want to read the space for the bed to the bed. The general integrated design is to fully utilize the advantages of a home type, such as using corner or radians. While using space, it also guarantees that there is a private space.

2, the living room light is not good, do you have a transformation?

A: The living room is not good, first, it is necessary to handle according to the situation facing different apartment. If the unit is suitable, consider the position of the bedroom or the study and the living room, so that the living room is close to the good place; Can be turned on, install the glass borrowed; mounting lamp, etc., the lighting lamp is also a very good choice.

3. How to deal with the wall air drum crack when collecting house?


Wall empty drum processing

: Cut the plaster layer of the empty drum, then powder the anti-cracking mortar, it is best to hang the anti-crack steel wire in the empty drum.

Wall crack treatment:

1. Clean the crack portion of the wall, and hook the anti-crack steel wire in the width of the crack portion, and brush the anti-cracking mortar. 2. Cut the plaster layer of the wall crack site, then powder the anti-cracking mortar and do hang-up (anti-crack wire net).

4, what is the standard of tile acceptance in the room?

A: Tiled bricks, must strictly check the empty drum, the empty drum of the monolithic brick cannot be greater than 15%, the empty drum rate of the whole wall is not more than 5%, the floor tiles are not allowed to have a empty drum, many decoration companies have no standard, or have The standard has no acceptance, the empty drum is too much, big, the tile is detached.

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