The weather is cold, and the time in bed naturally will naturally, the colorful bedding in summer is also converted for the season. In a few winter months of the cold, I like to use a concentrated buddle, For example, the sheets of the flannel. When people start buying bedding for winter, some people continue to ask how to ask how to look comfort and warm and suitable for bed, I think there is necessary to write some ideas to everyone for reference.


This is very beautiful in mixing two textures.

1, replace a single color with mixed colors


Use two or three colors and patterns to match, you can produce a variety of combinations – complete set of bedding makes people feel tired. You can choose to favor this season’s colors to come back and forth, give yourself some fun. If you really have doubts about your own combination, you can use a color to combine it, this is the easiest, white is a wild.


Less white, is there a highlight this bed?


2, don’t give up on white, let it become a transition between various colors.


White bedspreads and pillows can produce a beautiful color contrast with dark sheets and quilt, so it is taken into account when color mixing is made. This also means that the summer bedding can also be used in winter, giving you more choices, and save a money.

Those color and stripes make this arrangement soft and angry.

3, your favorite arrangement of cottage

I was in the first combination of bedding, it was completely from a journal in the cottage – containing brown, milk yellow and white flannel sheets. I will purchase and learn to place it according to the picture. Similarly, you can also find a picture of your favorite room, then follow the map, have been practiced, you can eventually become a master.

Simply put from light to dark stack, can be so cute, even in neutral colors.

4, starting from simple start

Below is some simple color combinations that I have continuously used for you to arrange the reference:

Neutral colors – sheets above and two pillows.

Dark – quilt and bedspread.

Light – white or rice white pillow.

The full cold color is more difficult to stay in this vivid person.

5, warm or cold color


Mix the two groups of colors (warm: red, orange, yellow, etc .; cold color: blue, gray, green, etc.) is more difficult, so for novices, just choose one of the colors.


This comfortable arrangement is linen.

6, the choice of material

Flanges remember the year-end year, but it is also very suitable for adults. The color of the flange is very stable and uniform, and the quality of the product it produces is very good, and it is not expensive, and it can be used for a long time.

Linen, although it is more suitable for warm weather, but it gives people a soft and comfortable feeling, making it welcome in winter. Especially the brunette linen products are not easy to fade, color is full. Linen products are more expensive, but it is worthwhile for the whole winter. It is worth it.

Beautiful blanket pattern can also make people look bright

7, when you are obey, only the blanket


If you feel that it is not cost-effective for a single bed for a single bed, or you don’t know where to arrange it. Then just cover a beautiful, dark, have a warm towel or blanket on the bed, so that the cold becomes comfortable, so that the empty is rich.

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