Tea: jasmine big white


Ningde, Fujian Province.


The flower tea process is mainly the flowers and tea embryos.

Procedure. Tantosal is jasmine in enzyme, temperature, moisture, oxygen, etc.

Separate aromatic substances and constantly spit out the aroma. Tea embryo absorption is in adsorption

Under completion.


品茶 | 深情的茉莉花茶——茉莉大白毫

Bruding is quite quite show, and the martyr is revealed.


Fragrance, fresh and pure, and honeyman rhyme.


Overs and refreshing, fragrant into soup.


品茶 | 深情的茉莉花茶——茉莉大白毫

Floral fragrance and tea are perfectly integrated into a cup of tea, smell the heart, taste Yue God, can relax under reduced pressure, healing body and mind.


Warm in the north, everything is guilty, and the world has become tone. We are always very willing to use some mind to adjust the existing life.

A snow-covered morning, the mood is lightweight with snow, this is the welfare of the northerners. So, a call and daughter drink tea together.

The gray green tea is prepared, prepared a 110 ml of hand-drawn pastel, three white porcelain gold side. Take 3 grams of jasmine tea last year, boiling water roller, wake up with fixed-point water, fast forward, then the first water to force the water, instant flowers wrapped in tea, and occupied my sense, Also triggered a far-reaching memory that dare not touch …

品茶 | 深情的茉莉花茶——茉莉大白毫

(110 ml cover bowl, take 3 grams of tea for 3 people)

Wang Qiong teacher and jasmine tea “love”

Jasmine tea is a spring Yang in the life of the northerners. At me, I have a taste of my father’s thoughts. When I was a child, I went out of my father’s enamel, and I would always be happy with inexplicable enthusiasm.

Dad often dinner, I started to pick tea. He pinched the tea in the enamel in the enamel telle from the tea, and tied to the enamel cylinder with the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger, and then took a warm bottle. At that moment, tea is bubble. Dad took a cylinder, blowing two times toward the water, and nourished and sorrowful, drink a few mouthfuls, still grow up, and then stabilized the tea tank very well.

(Fragrade is rich in jasmine)

At this time, I always want to learn my father’s look, and occasionally make the little mouth and go, I have a boring, I have a boring, my heart is full of questions: “What is Dad drinking? Will you drink so? “However, every time I see Dad to enjoy the bitter and bitter tea, I still can’t help but try again; try to try it, I don’t know which one begins, bitter , The flowers are rich, and it is more and more remembered that Dad’s cup is … I often think, I started from the rich aroma from my father’s enamel cylinder, a seed called “tea” Already in my heart. Jasmine tea, also because of this warm memory and “she” unique flutter tea rhyme, it has become the most temperature in my life.

In the rhyme of Jasmine Tea, miss the sadness, leaving the father’s temperature and the most vivid, most interesting, the most interesting father’s memory. This will be the eternal taste in my life.

The snow outside is still under, my daughter knows my thoughts, and the teacup said: “Dad, Mom, this cup of tea, we respect the grandfather who has not seen it …”

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