Today, AI technology has blended with each of our lives. Smartphone, smart home appliances, all kinds of smart hardware and software products provide us with efficient and convenient wisdom services.

The global Aiot market is developing forward with unprecedented high speeds, and as the most representative intelligent home industry in the AIOT field, the most closely related intelligent home industry in our lives, the innovation speed of its technology, and the growth rate of industrial ecosystems don’t want to be underestimated.

In the next decade, it will be the golden ten years of domestic AIOT development, and China’s smart home has entered the AIOT communication period in 2020, and it is also in 2021 to develop fast lanes.

GTIC 2022全球AIoT智能家居峰会启动!把脉AIoT未来十年,3月上海见

The II data report shows that the China’s smart home market has reached 1.7 billion yuan. IDC is expected that China’s smart home equipment market will reach 2.23 billion units in 2021, an increase of 14.6% year-on-year. It is expected that China’s smart home equipment market shipments will continue to increase in 21.4%, and the market shipments will be close to 540 million in 2025.

Domestic science and technology giants also actively layout AIOT smart home track: Huawei’s HARMONYOS operating system Injected a strong vital blood into the smart home industry; smart mobile phone track OPPO, VIVO, glory and other manufacturers began to actively layout Aiot Ecology Products Challenge to Xiaomi; Of course, the traditional home appliance giants represented by Haier, the United States, and TCL are expanding their own AiOT product boundaries; in addition, BAT-based Internet companies have passed the platform advantage. Energy industry.

From the underlying chip, AI technology, to the operating system, cloud service, smart home industry chain is accelerating upgrade, and even reshaping pattern. Platform-type enterprises are also rapidly carrying out their own advantages, such as brand, technology, funds.

Intelligent home end products are constantly rich, smart home basic software technology is constantly being consolidated, and smart home overall solutions are constantly mature. Smart home equipment is being developed to future deep integration of big data, machine learning, etc. from the main stage of intelligent interconnection. The promotion of the whole house intelligence will become one of the important driving force of the continued growth of the smart home equipment market.

Aiot smart home track, good is not lively.

In the above context, the first media in Zhiyi Technology’s intelligent industry will hold a GTI 2022 Global Aiot Smart Home Summit during China’s Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo AWE, 2022.

First, from the underlying chip to the upper layer, fully solve the AIOT smart home track

The current AIOT smart home market, rapidly expand in terms of terminal class, but in terms of the underlying software operating system, the status quo of “each battle” is not conducive to domestic AIOT ecological development, and the actual experience of consumers has also caused larger experience. Harass. The AIOT smart home market does not need to change in the underlying operating system level. In the past two years, Huawei launched Harmonyos full-time distributed operating system can provide unified language for intelligent, interconnection and collaboration of different equipment, which is expected to crack the intelligent home and suggestion.

In addition to the operating system, the development of domestic AIOT smart home market has entered the era of a hundred flowers, and the market participation companies are constantly rich. At this time, cloud services in the AIOT field are also particularly important, Tencent Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Graffiti Intelligence and other enterprises are in IoT. Platform field positive layout.

In addition to new players, Aiot Smart Home Tournament has also emerged in many old manufacturers, traditional home appliance giants such as Haier, Mide, TCL, is actively layout AIOT ecological products, relying on their own advantages in hardware technology, quickly replenish product ecology The layout, and the transformation of the software technology is promoted, and the transformation is undoubtedly one of the key words of these enterprises.

The development of the AIOT smart home industry also requires the underlying AI human machine interaction technology and the support of AI chip technology. How to make Aiot smart products more humanized, experience more compliance with consumer usage habits, human machine interaction technology is critical. The upgrade of AI chip technology has become the cornerstone that guarantees AI power to make smart devices more “intelligence”.

GTIC 2022全球AIoT智能家居峰会启动!把脉AIoT未来十年,3月上海见

In recent years, the intelligent concept of the whole house has gradually entered the vision of the public consumers, and the user has gradually become the first choice for many users in a wide range of intelligent hardware devices and Aiot ecology. The maturity of this emerging market will also face many technical challenges.

From the chip to the operating system, from the software to the hardware, then to the upper platform, application, service, the AIOT smart home market is booming, and the technology development, industrial pattern changes, and new players, new players, are worthy of us. discuss in depth.

Based on this kind of thinking, this summit will focus on the “new variable new future” as the theme, focus on the hardware and software technology of AIOT intelligent home, pay attention to the IOT operating system, IOT platform, smart appliance, AI human machine interaction, Family security, whole house intelligence, AIOT chip and other core areas.

The General Assembly will invite the technology giants, well-known home appliance brand manufacturers, AI technology providers, cloud service providers, chip companies, to bring the keynote speeches, the technological progress of the technology intelligent home, industrial trend and Innovation opportunities.

Second, the previous industry summit review

GTIC is the top summit brand of the emerging technology industry. Since the start of 2016, it has successfully held nine games in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, China Appliance and Consumption. The world-famous exhibitions such as Electronic Expo AWE have conducted deep cooperation.

GTIC 2022全球AIoT智能家居峰会启动!把脉AIoT未来十年,3月上海见

Since 2017, Zhi Yi Technology and AWE have worked together for three years, and organized three high-specific industrial summits for the emerging technology fields such as artificial intelligence, AI chip. GTI 2022 GTIC AIOT Smart Home Summit is also the fourth cooperation between Zhiyi Technology and AWE.

In addition, Zhi Yi Technology has joined in Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (SIEC) in April 2019 at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (referred to as Shanghai Auto Show) GTI 2019 Global Smart Automobile Supply Chain Creation Summit. In 2021, Zhi Yi Technology continued to cooperate with SIEC, and held a GTI 2021 automatic driving innovation summit in the 199th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (referred to as Shanghai Auto Show).

Third, the audience registration channel has been opened

At present, the audience registration channel of the GTITIC Summit GTIC 2022 The audience registration channel is officially opened. You can scan the QR code below or click on the bottom [Read the original] for registration. The organizing committee will unify the registration information submitted in January 21 and notice, please pay attention to the SMS notification.