The previous two days bought a new car to my girlfriend, I see this is not the recent evaluation. I told the guy straight, and the front of the front of Emma just gave a new product, and I bought home to send my girlfriend. I interviewed the reason for this car. He told me very simple: “Good look, smart, but not expensive”, the last is added, “mainly girlfriends like”.

I, single dog, not worthy

The Emma electric vehicle has been leading the entire industry.

. Taking the new country car as an example, 2019 New National Signal Operation Board, Emma exhibited a number of new national standard electric bicycles, gentle, completely subverting the new national standard car in people’s impressions. In the past two years, Ema has always kept the pace of the times, two words, engraved in the DNA of the product, each launched new product can play new patterns in the appearance.

In this issue, Xiaobian will take Emma’s new: Little Love E390’s design, say it, look at how Emma will lead the industry’s fashion.

Make electric cars into fashion show

Looking forward, the little love E390 seems to be a walking fashion model, putting the most popular popular color in the world. In the seven colors launched, each model has a thousand autumn. If you choose a fear, it is better to start this gray and yellow stitching like Xiaobian. Whether it is a dazzling yellow or a calm gray, it is worth a try. After all, the tide people have started to start these two colors, bags and shoes, with this car, a set.


Stunning smart headlight full of senior sense


Going a few steps in the direction of the car, you first pay attention to this big light, the first look, it seems to be a special place. But when you see the borders of the streets, the car is a clear color, it will find that the little love is very recognized with more fragrance.

Imagine: Rainting day, you love people to ride the car back to the community. I saw you in the outside. I saw that you took the umbrella and asked you. “How did you recognize me in the evening?”


Gao Yong reply: treasure, no matter where I can see you in the crowd.

Low verse reply: “I just recognized the light light of the little love E390.”

(The answer is given, this question is not a superline!)

Under the handsome “face”, “the brain” of “Wisdom” is the biggest highlight of this light.

When the environment is dimmed, the headlight will automatically illuminate and protect your travel security.

Going home with Xiai E390 after overtime, it is better than you.

Capture the sky faster

When the ride line is not good, the headlights are sensitive. Even during the day, when you ride under the viaduct, the tunnel is more dark, the little love E390 can also

Perceived the sound of the surrounding environment within a few seconds



Thereby automatically open the headlights,

Don’t let the dark have any machine! Although it is usually silent, as long as you need it (or it feels that you need it), the little love E390 smart head will immediately “debut”. (In this way, is it more warm than the warm man, what object is to be

“Mobile Phone” shows that the big screen is more close to life.


When you go to the side of the car, don’t tell me that you don’t move for this super invincible cool instrument. After getting used to doing more, you can see all the screens, you can’t get a few times. Little love E390 instrument panel is made

Borderless full screen

Screen size is still larger than 6.5 inch mobile phone screen

It is simply the gospel of the mobile phone. It is strongly recommended that you have a homework!

There is also a dashboard


The status bar of the top floor display

, If you let Xiaobian see the status bar above your mobile phone screen, it is easy to see the different status of the car. Dashboard

Time display


It is the most practical, in the future, don’t have to take a mobile phone to see time.

No screws detail details

Look close to the point, stand on the side of the car to sweep,

Symmetric buttons, hidden USBs and hooks

It is the ultimate visual experience, and every single pickup has a full point. Is this the details you want?


Look at the whole car, Xiaobian also found that Xiao love E390

The appearance did not have a screw exposed


In addition to improving the texture of the whole car, the design of the whole car has no screws can make your electric car “Yong Youth”.

In the long-term use of long-term use, the “traces” of the years will be left behind after the sun. Little love E390


Even the screws of the tire are hidden design

Used in two or three years, the car is still bright, coupled with the sense of technology, and the small dolls to shoot the chest to guarantee: No one can see that this will be the previous style.

Too cute, there are “small troubles”


Finally, Xiaobian took a magnifying glass to see, actually found a small flaw: the design of the post-feet is small and cute, but it is difficult to put down the foot estimation above the 38 yards. After all, my 36 yards of the little feet are placed on top, and the big foot is even more installed.

Beginning in the value of intelligence


If the value of the value makes me the most, the little love E390

Intelligent operation and absolute overbearing performance really

Let Xiaobian will be in the pit! In addition to the key unlocking, there is an APP control, intelligent anti-theft, remote tracking, smart light, trajectory query … bringing a comfortable experience of smart home, let us completely get rid of the trouble of carrying the key with you.

About Xiaodi’s performance and intelligence, the small package will do more detailed babysitter display in the next phase, remember to see